By: Sunvim Bioscience  09-12-2011
Keywords: Health Products, natural health, Medical Devices

As a research and development company, Sunvim Bioscience Inc. is dedicated to discover safe and effective ways in improving health, without the fear for pharmaceutical adverse events or negative consequences from invasive surgical procedures.

Natural Health Solutions

Sunvimā€™s OptimalCareĀ® product line will help individuals attain their healthiest state of being, from combating serious life-altering diseases to alleviating temporary discomforts.

Our Premium Products are multi-ingredient natural health formulations specifically researched to synergize the effects of each individual ingredient, while also increasing both their absorption and bioavailability. Subsequently, benefits will be felt much more powerfully and quickly than taking individual single-ingredient products that make up all constituents within our premium formulations.

OptimalCare also contain a number of Natural Health Products that are used to alleviate temporary ailments or promote general health. Natural Health Products comprise of different substances including vitamins and minerals, herbal remedies and teas, homeopathic medicines and probiotics.

Medical Devices

The two companies currently in collaboration with Sunvim Bioscience Inc. are XinAoMDT and Trillium Meditec.

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Keywords: Health Products, Health Solutions, Medical Devices, natural health, Natural Health Products