Alarm Lock Trilogy Networx DL6100 & PDL6100 prox/PIN

By: Strongbar  09-12-2011

Trilogy Networx™ Locks communicate wirelessly over any network, eliminating door-to-door operations.

DL6100 & PDL6100 prox/PIN version

Trilogy Networx Locks eliminate door-to-door programming and audit trail retrieval by communicating wirelessly via Ethernet or 802.11B/G, while providing all original Trilogy standalone lock’s functionality. They provide a quick, easy, economical access system with advanced features & functions.

At its simplest, it’s one Grade 1 durable wireless lock per door, installed in about an hour, all communicating to a single Gateway.


  • Industrial Strength BHMA Grade 1
  • Fully Weatherproof for Indoor/Outdoor use
  • New network-wide global emergency lockdown/unlock commands
  • System-wide free-passage enable or disable
  • Remote System Management
  • Support up to 5000 users
  • Vandal-resistant all-metal keypads
  • Change users, schedules, lock features or retrieve audit trails from any networked PC
  • Seamless upgrade path for original Trilogy users

Available Trilogy Networx™ Products:

PDL6100 Cylindrical Trilogy Networx™ PIN/Prox. Wireless Access Control Lock with built in HID proximity ID card reader, full-metal digital keypad, integral bi-directional radio, 4-C cell battery-operated (batts. supplied), serial number ID card, standard format SCI keyway for manual key override, 4-7/8” ASA Strike (incl).

DL6100 Cylindrical Trilogy® Networx PIN-Code Wireless Access Control Lock, as above, with full-metal digital keypad only.

DL-WINDOWS Free Alarm Lock Trilogy Microsoft Windows-based software application, v4.0.1 or higher, supports Trilogy Networx and Trilogy standalone locks, with single database. No-charge, downloadable online at

AL-IM80211 Hardwire/Wireless Gateway Interface Module, with integral bi-directional radio, interfaces Networx locks with PC network with hardwired Ethernet and wireless 802.11. Powered with Class 2, 6VAC transformer (supplied). Supports up to 63 Networx Locks. Two antennas. Ceiling or wall mountable.

AL-IME Hardwire Gateway Interface Module, supports up to 63 Networx Locks, similar to above, but using hardwired connection to the network via RJ45 Ethernet cable. One antenna. Powered with Class 2, 6VAC transformer (supplied). Ceiling or wall mountable.

AL-IMEPOE Hardwire Gateway Interface Module + POE, supports up to 63 Networx Locks, as above, but using hardwired Ethernet and Power Over Ethernet (P.O.E.). Connects directly to a network via Ethernet cable. One antenna. Ceiling or wall mountable.

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