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By: Sticky Branding  09-12-2011
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There’s something magical about a sticky brand. It’s so much more than a logo, a tagline or a website. It’s a brand that stands out and resonates in its market. It makes the competition seem bland and boring while a sticky brand is smart, distinctive and desirable.

The Sticky Branding Program provides you the tools, processes and talent you need to make your brand sticky.

In the Sticky Branding Program you will achieve:

  1. Simple Clarity: Position and articulate your brand so it’s easy to find, easy to remember and easy to refer.
  2. Authentic Differentiation: Stand out like an orange tree in an evergreen forest. Draw out and distill your company’s personality so that it appeals to your customers, and differentiates you from the competition.
  3. First Call Advantage: Build brand awareness and customer relationships so they choose you first when they’re ready to buy.
  4. Digital Brand Strategy: Engage your customers how they want to be engaged. Develop your brand strategy from the get-go for search engines, social media and all the other digital touch points.

How the Program works

The Sticky Branding Program is a guided process to create a distinctive, desirable brand. The Program has 4 core modules: Brand Research, Facilitated Planning Sessions, Feedback Loops and Brand Coaching.

Brand Research
Analyze your brand in the context of your market. We examine your customers, their options and how they buy, as well as your competitors to get a sense of their brand positioning.

Research is a critical step. The more you understand your customers and their buying process, the better you can build your brand.

Facilitated Planning Sessions
Sticky Branding will lead your team through facilitated planning sessions to develop your brand strategy. The planning sessions focus on establishing Simple Clarity, defining the brand position, developing the brand’s personality and establishing action items for your team to use in implementing the brand strategy.

Sticky Branding delivers the planning services in a modular format. The planning sessions are adjusted to fit the current state of your brand, the business objectives and the needs of your team.

Feedback Loops
Your brand is alive and constantly evolving. It’s crucial to always be listening, learning and adapting to the ever-changing competitive forces in your business.

Sticky Branding leverages Feedback Loops to capture information from Web analytics, your sales and customer service teams and other key touch points. You use this information to gain greater awareness of your business, and accelerate the brand development process.

Sticky Branding uses the Feedback Loops in the Program. Each planning session reviews the Feedback Loops, and we use this knowledge to adjust the brand strategy and go-to-market plans.

Brand Coaching
Sticky Branding is here to support you and guide you as you implement your brand strategy.

Brand Coaching provides a structured approach to implement the strategy. We work with you in the context of your business, and provide feedback and guidance for developing your brand.

How we Measure Success

The Sticky Branding Program is sales focused. We measure success based on the 3Vs:

  1. Volume: The number of leads generated and demand for your products.
  2. Velocity: The rate and speed it takes prospects to move through your sales funnel.
  3. Value: The qualitative measure of your level of innovation and the ability to increase the value of your products.

Keywords: Brand Research

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Brand Strategy: Define, organize and articulate your brand’s strategic approach, and how you will position and differentiate your company, products and services online. The Web is providing organizations a fantastic platform to build their brands, increase their competitive advantage and connect with customers. Brand Research: Understand what drives your customers, and how you can be their first call when they are ready to buy.


Websites That Sell

Crafting the messaging and the story so customers quickly get you, your value proposition and how and why they should buy from you. Develop clear “calls to action” and guide your customers to a logical next step in their purchasing process. Put forward the imagery that brings your brand to life, and differentiates you from the competition. Our approach is tailored to our clients’ unique environments and brand expectations.


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