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Spinervals.com Welcomes you to our SECURE Shopping Area. Please browse through our fantastic selection of coaching services and products.

You'll find all of our products here! And rest assured that your purchase is SECURE at checkout (see the 'lock' symbol at checkout to see our current SSL Certificate). Select a category below to view or purchase DVDs, attend or receive professional personal If you have any questions, please email us at or call TOLL FREE 1-888-288-0503 (Office Hours M-F: 10-5pm ET). Thank you for shopping at CoachTroy.com!

Coaching Programs Since 1992, Coach Troy Jacobson has been considered a leader in the field of multisport coaching. You can trust Troy Jacobson's Triathlon Academy Coaching Staff to offer truly effective and professional coaching services.

Training PlansGet on the right track this season with an affordable and effective training program created by Coach Troy Jacobson, the Official Coach of IRONMAN. Browse our library of six (6), eight (8), twelve (12) and sixteen (16) week training plans to find the perfect program for you.

Training CampsFor over a decade, Coach Troy has hosted hundreds and hundreds of athletes from around the world at his multisport and fitness training camps and workshops. Coach Troy's camps are effective, informative and most importantly..FUN!

Indoor Trainers

Audio CDs

Developing a quick, smooth and effortless spin is essential for any cyclist who wants to ride faster. Join Troy Jacobson as he trains you to pedal at a higher cadence for improved efficiency and cycling performance, and through a highly effective power building workout comprised of short, high intensity sprints!
Coach Troy has developed a series of instructional CDs to inform you about
the finer points of multisport training and racing! His proven and effective
concepts come from over 20 years of experience as a former pro triathlete and
personal coach to literally hundreds of athletes, including a U.S. Olympian.
Learn from the best and get the edge on your competition!

Instructional DVDs

Training DVDsWhether you are a novice cyclist or an experienced pro, you will get results by using these workouts. Designed for the competitive cyclist, Spinervals Competition workouts will increase you power output, pedaling technique, and speed. Best of all, these time-efficient workouts can be done in the comfort of you own home. Entertaining and easy to follow, each video/DVD has on-screen graphics describing training intensity, time and gearing, and is set to upbeat music. Fun to watch and motivating!
Introductory level Spinervals Fitness videos are great for beginning cyclists who want a great interval workout that won't leave them too tired to enjoy the rest of the day! Train with Coach Troy and his guest athletes during these challenging but moderate intensity interval sessions. We also recommend these videos for more advanced cyclist during their lower intensity and recovery oriented training days.
High Performance Strength & Conditioning Workouts for Athletes by Coach Troy. Now you can improve you overall functional strength for better overall muscle tone and athletic performance! Ultra Conditioning is a new series of workouts on DVD combining the benefits of cycling with those of the latest Strength Development Conditioning Exorcises. Add these workouts into you training program this winter and you'll see incredible results!
Run with Coach Troy Jacobson and his guest athletes in these tough intervals workouts on treadmills. Join the training session as Coach Troy takes you through intervals in which he'll shout out changes in tempo and treadmill speed/incline to vary your workout intensity. Run these workouts on a regular basis and there's no doubt that you'll get fit and fast! Set to upbeat music and with on-screen graphics, Runervals workout videos are so motivating and effective, you may never want to run on the track again!
StrEndurance workout DVDs by Coach Troy are designed specifically with the
intent of boosting your muscular strength and endurance for better performance
in athletic events. And for anyone from the fitness minded individual to the
serious athlete, StrEndurance workouts will challenge you while giving you
the toned and fit body you've always wanted. StrEndurance - Volume One, is a comprehensive, full body 12-week training program designed to help the serious endurance athlete increase muscle trength and endurance. Seven 20-30 minute workouts are included on this DVD to maximize your training time and efficiency.
Coach Troy's 'On the Road' Series of Virtual Reality Cycling workout DVDs
are the perfect alternative to other indoor training sessions! Choose from an ever-growing collection of spectacularly scenic training rides ranging from the mountains of the Adirondacks in upstate New York (Lake Placid Area) to the high desert mountains of Tucson Arizona! Ride on Coach Troy's wheel as he guides you on technique and intensity, coaching you on the finer points of successful cycling for better results!

Join renowned Yoga instructor Karen Dubs in these 'cutting edge' athletic
yoga workouts designed specifically for the multisport endurance athlete!
Flexible Warrior - Volumes One, Two and Three, will challenge you while improving your range of motion, decreasing risk of injury and improving your overall body strength and conditioning. This is the MISSING LINK in the programs of most multisport athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike!

Sports related injuries can dramatically reduce your chance of improving
performance if not treated effectively by an expert. BodyworksMD and Dr. Mark
Klion, a board certified orthopedic surgeon and Ironman Triathlete, in
conjunction with Troy Jacobson Training Videos has created a series of DVDs designed to educate you on the facts about specific injuries as well as show you various routines to rehab injuries. The result is a program that will help you get back to effective training and racing faster than you may have ever thought possible.
Multi-Pack DVDs come in three or five packs and are a great way to save
money and purchase a collection of workouts with similar focus and
intent. Choose from a wide array of multi-packs for indoor cycling,
running and even yoga and develop your library of our leading training
DVDs for improving your performance!

Keywords: Athletes, Cycling, Dvds