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CNC and Manual Machines

CNC Milling Equipments

1 OKK VMC, CNC Mill- 72"x30"x28"

1 Takumi Seiki VMC, CNC Mill- 60"x30"x24"

1 Mori Seiki VMC, CNC Mill- 30"x15"x20"

1 Bridgeport VMC, CNC Mill- 36"x20"x24"

1 Bridgeport VMC, CNC Mill- 32"x20"x18"

2 Cincinnati VMC, CNC Mill- 20"x20"x18"

Measuring & Inspection Equipments

1 Mitutoyo Profile Projector 12"6"

1 Mitutoyo Height Master 12"

1 Mitutoyo Height Gauge 12"-24"

A long list of additional equipments.

Sink(Spark Erosion) EDM & Wire EDM

1 Joemers 24"x18"x18"

1 Joemers 18"x12"x12"

1 Forward 18"x12"x12"

1 Topedm 24"x18"x20"

Precision Grinding Machines

1 Chevalier Hydraulic Surface Grinder 10"x20"

3 Chevalier Surface Grinder FSG 618, 6"x18"

2 Single lip tool and cutter grinder

1 Warner Swasey Grinder, Model TS 6"x12"

5 pedestal grinders

5 Various belt sanders

Manual Machine Equipments

2 first turret mill 9"x49" with DRO

1 first turret mill 10"x50" with DRO

1 sirco mill 11"x39" with DRO

1 bridge port Mdl 141935 with DRO

1 manual mill 9"x36" without DRO

1 Manual Lathe Maxtron-1800 12"x108"x3"bore

1 Manual Lathe Swing 12"x40"x1-3/4"bore

1 Manual Lathe Swing 1, 12"x80", Swing2, 22"x10"x b/w
center 80" with DRO


CNC and Manual Machines

CNC Fabrication Equipments

1 TRUMPF, CNC Punching, model 200 & Tooling

1 TRUMPF, CNC Brake Press, model V130 & Tooling

1 Laser cut, MS 1/2", S/S 3/8", Al 1/4"

1 Shear All kind metal up to 1/4"X10"

1 press brake up 1/4"X10ft length

1 Haco Shear, Model SST3010

1 King Metal Cutting Band Saw

1 ELI Aluminum Cutting Saw

3 Spot Welder including Holden & Hunt Spot Welder

3 Brown & Boggs Punch Press

1 Bliss Punch Press

1 Thomson Rivet Ma chine, Model 213

1 Parmenter Bulloch Rivet Machine

1 Federal Punch Press

1 Sampson Roller, 4ft. wide, Model AS 1250X95

1 Inzusa Stiffener Roller, Model 1-15-602

2 Tig Welding machines

2 Mig Welding Machines

1 Light Plazma Cut Machine

3 Drill Machine

4 Gravity feed saw

1 Vertical band saw, Model BA V450

2 Fork Lifts

2 GMC High Cube Truck

Keywords: cnc, Grinder, metal cutting

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