Emergency Communications

By: Simplexgrinnell  09-12-2011
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In an emergency, people need to know what to do. Immediately! Today more than ever, public, private and commercial institutions are turning to real-time emergency notification systems to warn and direct people to take shelter, relocate or evacuate in the threat to life safety.

SimplexGrinnell understands that timely, accurate communication is essential during a state of emergency. Furthermore, we recognize the value of having a reliable Emergency Communications capability that works in concert with your fire and security systems to help deliver optimal protection.

What is Emergency Communications?
Emergency Communications Systems provide emergency notification to individuals and groups within a building or campus, or in much larger exterior areas covering anywhere from an acre to several miles. Previously, they were referred to as “Mass Notification Systems”.

Emergency Communications Systems can include audible and visual notification, as well as text displays – both within and outside of buildings. Predetermined or live emergency messages are transmitted from a central location. Systems can be configured to transmit a common message to all targeted areas, or deliver area-specific messaging based on the type and location of the threat. For example, occupants in some buildings or floors may be instructed to lock down and shelter in place while other areas are instructed to evacuate.

Taking a total solutions approach
 We recommend a layered approach combining voice, visual and personal notification to create a well balanced integrated solution that provides 100% coverage.

Layered Approach to Comprehensive Emergency Communications Solution

Melding the digital voice capability of our industry-leading with external Giant Voice speaker systems, and creates a reliable system that adheres to NFPA codes and standards. The distributed peer-to-peer technology offered by the 4100U platform also provides high levels of survivability, reliability and system performance.

Keywords: Communications Systems, Emergency Communications, Fire And Security, Security Systems

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