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By: Sidler Clarke  09-12-2011
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Needs Analysis and Software Selection

Selecting a new business and financial management solution is difficult. With hundreds of financial accounting information systems and business applications available, it's difficult to know what to look for when performing a software comparison. Every product promises to improve your business processes, give management better access to accounting and financial information, and increase your bottom line. Without a proper comparison of software features and functionality based on your unique needs, however, there is no way to determine which accounting solution is best for your business.

At Sidler, we are extremely particular in keeping our customers ERP needs in mind. We define who the users are, their tasks and goals, their experience levels, what functions they want and need from an information system, what data they want or need, and learning how the users think the system should work – all key to our understanding of your business needs. Sidler Ltd. conducts Business Analysis as an extension of our Requirements Analysis to include system component change or a process improvement development. The Business Analysis focuses on identifying the changes to your existing ERP/IT infrastructure that may be necessary for it to achieve the business goals and objectives identified in the earlier conducted Requirements Analysis or Needs Analysis. This includes a Solution assessment and describes how the proposed solution will achieve and support desired outcomes.Method
  • Perform an in-depth review of your management reporting needs; business and accounting processes and current technical environment
  • Evaluate your financial accounting, manufacturing, distribution and overall information system requirements

Systematic approach to conduct:
  • Discovery Process
  • Gap Analysis
    • Technical
    • Operational
    • Business Value
  • Benefits Analysis
  • Requirements
    • Business Requirements
    • User Requirements
    • Operational Requirements
    • System Requirements
  • Scope of Recomendation

Business Process Improvement

Implementing a new business software system may provide an opportunity to review and optimize your business goals, processes, workflows and performance benchmarks. Utilizing our proven methodology, Sidler Ltd. process analysts can do just that. We conduct our initial assessment through a series of interviews, document reviews, workflow analysis, and good old-fashioned observation. We ask the important questions, we talk to your customers, vendors and employees and we become outside experts in your business.

Once we thoroughly understand your business processes, we review your business goals and begin to rebuild. We look at where you want to take your business and what you need to do to get there. We mutually determine performance benchmarks and goals, and then work with your team to reengineer your workflow to meet these goals. Finally, we work with you to handle change management, training and software customization to ensure that you are on track to realize the benefits of your new systems.

Project Management - planning, organizing, and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of a specific project and its goal. At Clients First we focus on the "success" part of this definition. We do whatever it takes to guarantee success from Impact Assessment through implementation, training, and support.

To do this, we assign your project manager based on experience and expertise, not availability. We carefully select the best project manager for your unique needs. Our selection is based on:
  • Your business goals
  • Project scope
  • Industry expertise
  • Product familiarity
  • Organizational personality
This guarantees our ability to run your project for optimal success.Your project manager controls all the resources on your project ensuring you have the depth and breadth of experience needed to exceed your expectations without going beyond scope or over budget. They manage timelines, anticipate needs, foresee problems and mitigate risk. They dedicate their time to ensuring your project runs smoothly and efficiently. Above all, they act as the center of your project and your single point of contact throughout the entire process.

Every business even in the same industry vertical has some unique processes that your new software should be able to handle. The software should fully accommodate your business needs not the other way around. Sidler Ltd.'s developers will be able to help you with that. With the ability to handle large volume and highly complex integrations, our talented group of developers tailor solutions to your specific needs - anything is possible. They will make all the necessary adjustments to the software until you are fully satisfied with the end product.
Once it's done did you think about your website? Do you need your business partner or clients to be able to place orders online?

Sidler's team will deliver a highly customizable solution that can be tailored to meet unique business needs and will fully integrate with your ERP software. Our in-house developers have a wealth of experience creating custom solutions using a variety of technologies. To ensure a superior customized solution, every custom project incorporates best-of-breed coding practices and standards. Our team works hand in hand with your business team to create business solutions, but solutions you and your staff can effectively operate with ease and efficiency.

Solution Deployment & Maintenance

We've analyzed your business and made recommendations. You've selected your software and evaluated your functionality requirements and customization options. Collectively, we've made decisions based on your industry, your business goals, and your budget. You are ready to hit the ground running and to start realizing the benefits of your new solution.

Now is the time we enter into the application deployment and maintenance phase of the project.Our team of systems engineers will act as your personal deployment team. They will:
  • Set parameters and configure your software solution to best fit your business environment
  • Implement selected hardware and software, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance
  • Carefully test your system to ensure each customization works to your satisfaction and that your new system is fully functional and stable
Following the successful implementation of your software solution, Sidler Ltd. will work with you to train end-users and help ensure you are realizing the full benefit of your solution. We will continue to support you throughout your entire product lifecycle, and will be available to answer questions and troubleshoot, perform updates, increase user capabilities, and add additional functionality as required.

You've poured a great deal of time and energy into selecting, configuring and implementing your new software solution. It's up and running. It's working to its full capacity and you're waiting to see the business results. Unfortunately, your employees are scrambling, trying to figure out how to perform their basic job tasks.

This is the usual result of a software implementation that is not accompanied by a carefully planned out and well executed training component. It is exactly why we spend time and budget incorporating a training plan into every project. Training begins in the initial project phase, where we show decision makers and key users the functionality of their new software and encourage them to test it out for themselves. This gives key players the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the new software early in the game.During the implementation phase we begin coaching power users and project managers. This increases the knowledge base within your company and facilitates a smoother knowledge transfer to your end users. Finally, we take the time to train end users immediately prior to your Go Live date, ensuring minimal downtime and faster return on investment for your new solution. Have new hires post implementation? Not a problem. Sidler Ltd. takes responsibility for bringing them up to speed so they can become proficient in your new software and hit the ground running.

Post Implementation Support

Despite all our best efforts, things can happen. Systems crash, errors occur and you can find yourself in an emergency situation. Every minute spent offline is a dollar lost. The longer it takes to get up and running again, the harder it is to recover. As pressure mounts, frustrations increase and your team is left feeling helpless. Helpless, that is, until you realize you've got Sidler Ltd.

Our key support personnel are connected and available to take your call or receive your email, no matter what time it is or where you're located. Once you've initiated contact our support personnel can quickly and easily access your system via an internet connection and start working on resolving your problem. If we can't reach a resolution quickly and remotely, we will head to your location and troubleshoot from there. We're committed to keeping you up and running at all times, but, in the rare instance something goes awry, we insist on limiting your downtime to the bare minimum.
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Keywords: Accounting

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