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By: Sekurus International  09-12-2011
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SekurTrack® Services Solutions provide a wide range of fleet management solutions including:

  • automatic vehicle location
  • mapping
  • reporting
  • vehicle maintenance
  • driver status
  • in-vehicle telemetry
  • messaging
  • in-vehicle navigation
  • wireless application

The solutions bring together every piece of critical fleet data, delivering it to back office staff, and enabling better informed decisions and collaboration with the fleet-based workforce increasing business process and efficiency.

Offered in real-time, high availability option connectivity, the SekurTrack® Services Solutions deliver the functionality you need to address your business' specific needs.

High Availability:

Vehicle location information is transmitted from the vehicle to the SekurTrack® Servers every five minutes (by default), however, this rate can be configured to meet customer requirements. Additionally, location information can be transmitted to the servers using turn-based reporting and Geo-fencing technologies.

Providing a wide range of functionality, Sekurus International SekurTrack® Services Solutions address several of the industries most recognized needs.

Laptops, PDAs and connectivity:

Streamline business practices by integrating with your back-end systems. Automatically feed GPS location data into systems such as payroll and dispatching for more efficient payroll processes and access to real-time logistics.

In addition, a number of peripherals can be used in conjunction with the SekurTrack® Services Solutions, including laptops and Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), allowing for users to access a range of corporate applications.

Security and Auto Theft Recovery:

Enable your vehicle and rely on an extra layer of security for your employees and assets by knowing where they are at all times. In the event your assets are stolen, real-time location data will ensure an extremely high rate of return.


The SekurTrack® Services Solution allows Fleet Managers the ability to monitor and control vehicles remotely using telematics. Common telematics inputs include:

  • Headlights
  • Indicator signals
  • Door locks

Common telematics outputs (where functions are controlled by Dispatch personnel) include:

  • Siren
  • Audible alarm
  • Remote engine disabling
  • Fuel pump shutdown

The SekurTrack® Services Solution also provides the ability to show vehicle history and corresponding telematics events in a report format. For example monitoring the tow arm on a tow truck. Every time the arm is lowered, information will be captured making it easy to track job completion through telematics reports.

Trip Recorder:

SekurTrack®’s Services Solution also delivers a trip recorder, which keeps a detailed record of all telematics inputs such as brakes, turn signals, horn etc. as well as location information such as speed and direction (2256 records). This feature is beneficial to insurance companies and fleets in order to view driver and vehicle history leading up to an accident.

In addition, the SekurTrack® Services Solution also provides the following functionality:

  • Mapping
  • Command Center/Activity Reports
  • Landmark Reporting
  • Back-end Integration

Practical, Achievable and Tangible Benefits

  • Improve customer service
  • Increase productivity of your service fleets
  • Manage vehicle and service inventory assets
  • Improve worker safety and security
  • Reduce theft loss through stolen vehicle recovery

Service organizations can make use of SekurTrack® Services Solution’s functionality in a wide range of ways including the following:

Security through constant communication with your drivers as well as in-cab driver authorization

Efficiency through minimizing manual paperwork entry, smarter use of resources reducing wastage and unproductive time

Accurate Monitoring of where your drivers are and work they've completed for up-to-date reporting, accurate billing and satisfied customers.

Streamlined Business Processes through back-end integration, up-to-date access to inventory data, customer account status as well as the ability to invoice on the spot.

Keywords: Automatic Vehicle Location, Fleet Management, Telematics, vehicle

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