Intelligent Video Streaming with Scalable Video Coding, SVC

By: Seawell Networks  09-12-2011
Keywords: Video, Media Management, Adaptive Streaming

SeaWell’s solution offers a much simpler, elegant solution for resolving the issue of delivering a large volume of high quality content economically. It combines forward looking video encoding technology and network based software to deliver content across multiple platforms on the fly. SeaWell calls this the Intelligent Adaptation Architecture.

Spectrum: Intelligent Adaptive Bit Rate Streaming

Spectrum is a network-based media management solution. It combines on-the-fly high capacity file repackaging with powerful session based delivery and management of adaptive streaming video.

Lumen Product Family

Lumen is SeaWell’s content creation engine. It is a Powerful H.264 Scalable Video Coding (SVC) transcoding and encoding appliance for On Demand content. SVC is an intelligent file format for Adaptive streaming; rather than relying on the creation of multiple files to fulfill the need, it uses one file built up in layers. When content is requested, SVC responds by sending the layers required to play back the content at the viewers reported bandwidth and resolution. No longer do you need to target specific files to specific delivery platforms, Lumen literally allows you to encode once and deliver to many.

Keywords: Adaptive Streaming, Media Management, Video,

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Lumen 1000 | Seawell Networks

The Lumen 1000 converts the source video into layers, starting with a base layer that contains the lowest level of quality, and is backwards compatible with existing H.264 players. The Lumen 1000 is an advanced H.264 Scalable Video Coding turnkey appliance for creating content for multi-platform distribution and advanced adaptive streaming. Automated Flow Management based on User Created or Pre-Canned Profiles.


Spectrum | Seawell Networks

Spectrum is a network media management solution that combines subscriber management controls with Quality of Experience optimizations, and “on-the-fly” file repackaging for the most personalized video experience available. It can enforce policies and business rules to maximize the Quality of Experience for end-users on a per-session basis, while capturing detailed statistics that can be used to help plan and monetize video delivery.


Solutions | Seawell Networks

SeaWell Networks believes this equation can be simplified greatly and is developing a revolutionary new product line that will automate and streamline the production of the highest quality video for multi-platform delivery. With the explosive growth of Internet video viewing comes a multitude of platforms and formats, turning Internet video streaming into a complex, costly and sometimes confusing endeavor for content owners.


Whitepapers | Seawell Networks

As online video proliferates, service providers are looking for ways to provide the best possible service quality, to compete with OTT market disruptors such as Netflix and iTunes and inoculate against churn. Learn how to reduce that painful overhead while enabling key monetization opportunities in this free whitepaper. HTTP Adaptive Streaming technologies are paving the way for more and more premium content to be viewed online.