Suction cups, tube lifters and vacuum pods

By: Schmalz  09-12-2011
Keywords: Vacuum Systems, vacuum system, Grippers

Vacuum gripping systems from Schmalz are complex vacuum systems that are delivered ready for connection. Attached to a robot, the grippers can be used in all areas of automation. Vacuum gripping systems are mainly implemented to achieve decisive productivity improvements. The gripping systems are designed modularly, therefore the vacuum system can be perfectly adapted to the individual application.

The range covers layer grippers and large-area gripping systems as well as individual vacuum spiders.

Keywords: Grippers, Gripping Systems, vacuum system, Vacuum Systems,

Other products and services from Schmalz


Vacuum Generators such as Ejectors, Pumps and Blowers - Schmalz CA

These devices consist of a vacuum generator, a reservoir and monitoring and regulation components. The vacuum reservoirs that are used in the units/centers can also be bought separately. While vacuum units use an ejector for vacuum generation, vacuum centers use a pump. Schmalz also offers complete units for handling and clamping tasks.


Grippers using special operating principles - Schmalz CA

Magnetic grippers are activated and deactivated by means of compressed air or a vacuum, which means that they can be operated either with pneumatic valves or with a compact ejector. The gripper has minimum contact with the workpiece and is therefore ideal for handling very sensitive workpieces. Special grippers are used in applications where it is not possible to realize a vacuum system with suction pads.


Vacuum Gripping Systems for Handling Layers in Robot Applications - Schmalz CA

The vacuum palletizer is used in modern distribution centers, as well as during production in packaging stations, as cycle times are minimized there using a layer gripper. Vacuum layer grippers of the series SPZ palletize and depalletize entire product layers, even if the layer is only partial filled.


Vacuum suction pads – the link between workpiece and handling facility - Schmalz CA

At Schmalz the product programm of suction pads is divided into universal suction pads and suction pads for special application tasks. Being the connection element between the handling system and the workpiece, the suction pads have to fulfill various requirements. The selection of the fitting suction pad is very important, in order to ensure a securely running vacuum system. Schmalz offers a broad range of suction pads in various shapes.