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By: Schmalz  09-12-2011
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Special grippers are used in applications where it is not possible to realize a vacuum system with suction pads. To handle workpieces, that cannot be sucked, different principles of operation are used.

Floating suction pads are pneumatically powered special grippers. The integrated vacuum generator operates on the Bernoulli principle. The gripper has minimum contact with the workpiece and is therefore ideal for handling very sensitive workpieces. The grippers "float" above the workpieces’ surface on an air cushion. The high volume flow results in an integrated compensation for leaks.

Advantages of floating suction pads:

  • Integrated vacuum generator
  • Low-contact handling
  • High volume flow
  • Reliable separation of thin, porous workpieces

Typical applications of floating suction pads:

  • Handling of paper, plastic film, wood veneer, printed circuit boards, wafers and solar cells
  • Separation of thin, porous workpieces

Magnetic grippers are activated and deactivated by means of compressed air or a vacuum, which means that they can be operated either with pneumatic valves or with a compact ejector. The magnetic field is generated by a permanent magnet, permitting safe gripping of the workpieces. No external voltage supply is required.

Advantages of magnetic grippers:

  • Permanent magnet ensures safe gripping
  • No external voltage supply needed for gripping
  • Gripping can be controlled by compressed air or a combination of compressed air and vacuum

Typical applications of magnetic grippers:

  • Handling of rough metal sheets, perforated sheets and sheet-metal parts with holes or complex shapes
  • Support for vacuum gripping systems in applications involving highly dynamic handling of sheet-metal parts
  • Handling of ferromagnetic workpieces

Needle grippers are actuated by compressed air. The needles are pressed into the workpiece by the compressed air and are retracted either by a spring or by compressed air. The needles are extended at an angle to ensure reliable gripping of the workpieces.

Advantages of needle grippers:

  • Safe handling of soft or unstable materials
  • Various types available for individual operating conditions
  • Various needle diameters available; stroke can be adjusted

Typical applications needle grippers:

  • Handling of porous and/or unstable workpieces such as textiles, insulating materials, foam materials, felt and fleece, carpets, filters, woven materials (such as carbon fibre), polystyrene and metal foam

Wafer grippers are pneumatically operated special grippers with an integrated vacuum generation. They are excellently suited for the handling of sensitive parts, especially photovoltaic components such as wafers and cells. Because of their high volume flow and the moderate vacuum level, the wafer grippers are excellently suited for these extremely sensitive applications.

Advantages of wafer grippers:

  • Extremely fast and precise handling
  • Achievement of shortest cycle times (< 1 second)
  • Maximum output quantity and cell quality
  • High volume flow with low air consumption
  • Integrated vacuum generation including blow-off function
  • Controlled discharge of drawn-in air (optional)

Typical areas of application of wafer grippers

  • Handling of photovoltaic components
  • Handling of electrodes, separators and battery cells
  • Handling of sensitive components

Composite grippers are pneumatically operated special grippers with vacuum generation. Because of their high volume flow and the moderate vacuum level, they are excellently suited for the handling of sensitive components.

Advantages of composite grippers:

  • Secure gripping, even with porous materials or workpiece surfaces that only cover parts of the suction surface
  • Shortest possible cycle times and accurate positioning
  • Integrated vacuum generation
  • High volume flow
  • Integrated blow-off function

Typical areas of application of the composite grippers:

  • Handling of blank circuit boards
  • Handling of extremely thin, sensitive components
  • Handling of porous workpieces

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