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By: Rockstella  09-12-2011

We take a comprehensive approach to measuring, selecting, designing and installing your countertop, handling all steps of the process so we can better respond to your specific needs. This includes a free estimate, based on you providing us with the intended measurements of your countertop and the accompanying layout. Following this, we then send along a professional templator to confirm exact measurements and ensure that there are no issues with the specific fit of the countertop.

Fabrication is typically a ten business-day turnaround once the template measurements are verified and a deposit received. Our craftsmen will ensure all the details you envision for your custom-designed countertop meet our exacting standards. Once complete, our team of professional installers will book a convenient time with you to complete the custom installation. Any tear-out work required will be completed at the same time.

By taking a responsibility for all aspects of designing, crafting, installing and servicing your countertop, we maintain the highest standards of quality at every stage of the process.

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Quartz | RockStella Stonery Inc

If you wish to achieve a natural look but do not want to think about maintaining and resealing your countertop regularly, quartz is definitely the best option for you. Quartz products are very dense, and because of the manufacturing process, they are also free of the invisible tiny cracks that can be found in granite.


Granite | RockStella Stonery Inc

We don’t recommend you to cut on granite and this is not because you are going to scratch the surface, but because you run the risk of dulling your knife. You can clean your granite countertop regularly with safe, natural and fragrance free RockStella Stonery Granite, Marble and Quartz cleaner. Heat resistant properties of a granite counter allow you to place hot plates directly on the surface without damaging it.


Stone Care | RockStella Stonery Inc

Natural stone is the most durable and functional hard surface available but like carpet, wood and even synthetic surfaces, proper care is required to maintain its maximum beauty. After new stone is installed, permanent damage often occurs from neglect, incorrect cleaning methods, and using chemicals that are not formulated for stone care.


Marble | RockStella Stonery Inc

Daily usage of Rockstella Stonery granite and marble cleaner will help you to keep your Marble countertop clean and beautiful for years to come. It’s been used on almost every surface in the bathroom, including vanities, tub decks, shower walls and flooring. When deciding on material for your countertop you should keep in mind that marble is porous and it stains easily.