Rock The Floor Dance Championships

By: Rock The Floor  09-12-2011
Keywords: Dance, Jazz, Ballet

Experience Levels

Recreational - Amateur competitors with less than 4 hours training per week. Novice - First time amateur competitors that train more than 4 hours per week. Competitive - Amateur competitors that train more than 4 hours per week and have competed in a previous dance competition. Professional - Teacher or professional performer. Pro-Am - One or more teacher(s) or professional performer(s) who compete(s) with amateur competitors.

Dance Categories

Jazz – 2 or 3 tricks allowed per routine - points will be deducted should the routine have more than that. Lyrical – Modern dance, a mixture of Jazz and Ballet styles. No acrobatic tricks allowedTap – Steel taps. Music cannot contain pre-recorded tap sounds.Ballet – Must consist primarily of Ballet technique.Pointe – Must consist primarily of Pointe technique.Acro – At least 6 movements in the routine in which the hips pass over the shoulders.Musical Theatre – A routine in which the performers lip sync to a song using any form of dance. Props are optional.Vocals – (song and dance), The competitors must perform with live vocals. No lip syncing allowed. There is no set ratio for dancing vs. singing during the routine. Microphones will be available for this category.Hip Hop – Freestyle street dance which does not contain technical steps from Jazz, or Ballet. Open – A routine that does not fit into any of these categories or combines several of them.Production – Minimum of 12 competitors. The routine must carry a theme throughout. The use of props are optional.Ballroom - International or American dance styles including, Rumba, Cha Cha, Samba, Jive, Paso Doble, Swing, Merengue, Waltz, V. Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Quickstep, or any combinations of each. (basically any dances that are performed from the Author Murray/ Fred Astaire or ISTD step lists or training manuals). Salsa - Cuban, New York, Mombo, or any variations of these styles.

Keywords: Ballet, Dance, Jazz