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By: Retail Ready Foods  09-12-2011
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Asian Services

We have a dedicated team fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Korean to serve our Asian customers. We carry a range of products specific to the Asian community. In addition, Retail Ready provides value-added services such as merchandising programs, ad comparisons, weekly newsletters, point of sale material, in store training, cutting demonstrations and media publications.


我们亚裔销售代表可为您提供多种 主体语言服务:英文,普通话,广东话,韩文。我们 产品范围广泛。适合亚裔消费者的肉类产品 应有尽有。作为Retail Ready贵嫔客户,您可享受我们的 增值服务。 诸如 店内肉产品营销指导;各大超市每周特价比较;每周新闻报道;行销辅助工具;员工技术培训;现场切割展演;媒体报道等等。

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我們亞裔銷售代表可為您提供多種主體語言服務:英文,廣東話,普通話,韓文。我們產品範圍廣泛,適合亞裔消費者的肉類產品應有盡有。作為Retail Ready貴賓客戶,您可享受我們的增值服務。諸如店內肉產品營銷指導;各大超市每週特價比較;每週新聞報導;行銷輔助工具;員工技術培訓;現場切割展演;媒體報導等等。


아시안 서비스팀

저희 Retail Ready Foods Inc는 동양인들을 위한 아시안팀이 있으며 영어, 중국어, 한국어로 고객님을 모시고 있습니다. 또한 아시안 사회를 위한 맞춤상품을 보유하고 있으며 고객님의 비지니스를 위한 마케팅 전략, 축산뉴스, 상품기획등등 다양한 서비스를 제시하고 있습니다.

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Keywords: Point Of Sale

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Retail Ready Foods - Products & Services

The distribution of beef, pork, poultry, deli and processed products to butchers, independent retailers, further processors and chain stores across North America. Risk management services to companies with exposure on beef, pork, grain co-products, animal proteins, protein meals, feed fats or dairy. Merchandising services to meat retailers, including marketing strategies, cutting demonstrations and point of sale suggestions.


Retail Ready Foods - Merchandising

Retail Ready account managers visit our customers’ stores to share onsite merchandising strategies, perform cutting demonstrations for meat managers and provide point of sale suggestions. We regularly perform store visits across North America and are happy to share the latest innovative merchandising ideas in order to make our customers’ business more successful.


Retail Ready Foods - Meat Distribution

Retail Ready distributes beef, pork, poultry, lamb, veal, deli and processed products to butchers, independent retailers, further processors and chain stores across North America. Our team of Key Account Managers and Customer Service Representatives can service you in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Mandarin, Cantonese and Tagalog.


Retail Ready Foods - We Control Volatility, You Control Profit

Retail Ready has two proprietary products: is a market intelligence service that benchmarks our forward contract prices against the live cattle futures market; allows customers to lock in those prices, to provide cost predictability and confidence in forecasted margins. The price protection of a forward contract allows our customers to better control and predict their profits.