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By: Retail Bridge  09-12-2011

RetailBridge's integration and security Certification Program is designed to help client and partner organizations effectively implement, enhance, and support LiveRetail deployments from both an operational and development perspective. With proper training and guidance, RetailBridge ensures that client and partner organizations are able to sufficiently take the technology in-house to optimize resources that are focused on your online content solution.

Specifically, the Certification Program provides the following benefits:

* Implement initiatives quickly and effectively
* Enable your team to develop confidence in enabling your solution

The Certification Program is delivered in combination by our Training Services, Professional Services, and Support Organizations to mix both product and implementation experiences. The approach of the Certification Program is not a one-time event as experience is best built with ongoing refinement to your team’s skill set.

Focus subject areas of the Certification Program include:

* Operational Training
* Installation and Configuration
* Client Configuration and Development
* Server Configuration and Development
* Implementation Best Practices
* Support Best Practices
* System Sizing and Infrastructure Design

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