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By: Resco Energy  09-12-2011

RESCo Energy Inc. » Services

RESCo Energy provides engineering, procurement, construction services (EPC) as well as commissioning, and operations & maintenance.

Feasbility Studies

In recognition of the differences in location, energy systems, and economics at each site, RESCo works with our building partners to define packages of renewables that integrate with their energy needs and infrastructure. The feasibility study results in scenarios with attached economics providing the basis for design decisions.

Site Assessments

RESCo Energy’s site assessment team produces site assessments reports which evaluate the roof structural capacity, roof membrane condition, electrical review, shading analysis, PVSYST modelling, and detailed roof surveys.

Feed-In Tariff Contracts

RESCo Energy has staff dedicated to assisting in the application, execution and management of Feed-In Tariff (FIT) contracts for the Ontario Power Authority’s renewable energy program.


The design and engineering team at RESCo work to achieve the specific objectives of each project using the best available commercial technologies. Technology compatibility and integration allow for optimized performance, managed risk, and building synergies. Permitting and project management ensure that designs are seen through to installation.

Services include engineered roof layouts, near-shading analysis, racking ballast plans, output modelling, structural engineering, electrical engineering, municipal permitting, ESA plan reviews, Connection Impact Assessment coordination, and commissioning.


RESCo has supply agreements with manufacturers and global suppliers of equipment. RESCo provides a flexible procurement model allowing developers with preferred equipment to specifiy major components. RESCo has construction financing and warehouse capacity to support procurement flexibility.


RESCo provides construction management and general contracting services. RESCo is focused on site safety and has an excellent safety record. Bonding is available for all RESCo projects. RESCo projects are installed by certified solar installers, licenced electricians, under experienced site supervision.

Operations & Maintenance

RESCo provides full life-cycle service from installation, commissioning and operation, to decommission. These services include optimizing performance, scheduled maintenance, maintaining roof warranties, upgrading technology, metering and reconciliation, monitoring, and responding in the case of an emergency.

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