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By: Rate Technology Systems  09-12-2011

FIBC 2 Post Weigh Fill Unit  
CED's 2-Post Weigh Fill Unit gives you the advantage through it's simplicty of design, economical and virtual maintence free operation.

CED's modular design allows for easy installation and accessibility, especially for businesses that utilize foklifts during the loading and unloading process.

The CED 2-Post Weight Fill Unit features all Stainless Steel Nuts, Bolts, Rods and Shafts on the Fill Head Assembly reducing the need for costly maintenance schedules.
The 2-Post Weigh Fill Unit boasts the latest in electronic controls. This enhanced programming feature reduces the number of operator functions for a virtually automatic fill cycle.

The "2-Post Weigh Fill Unit" is designed to help you meet the ever increasing demands of a highly competitive 21st century world.

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