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By: Quintolubric  09-12-2011
Keywords: Power Generation, Hydraulic Fluids, Polyol Esters

HFD fluids are fire resistant hydraulic fluids that do not contain water.  HFD fluids are usually based on synthetic base stocks or esters that combine reasonable to good fire resistant properties with excellent lubrication performance.  HFD fluids are designed to operate in oil hydraulic equipment.

Quaker was the first company to offer HFD-U fluids and has been the market leader in this type of technology.  Quaker’s current HFD-U fluids are based on both synthetic organic compounds and naturally occurring esters.  QUINTOLUBRIC ®888 Series synthetic polyol esters and QUINTOLUBRIC® 855, which is based on natural esters are industry leaders in ester based technology.  Quaker HFD-U fluids are readily biodegradable and have low aquatic toxicity, making them ideal for use where environmental protection is required. Quaker HFD-U fluids are globally available and give outstanding performance in fire resistance, lubrication and long service life.

As the market leader in ester based fire resistant hydraulic fluid technology and having more than 35 years and millions of gallons of experience with the application of these fluids in the Steel, Non-Ferrous, Mining, Automotive and Power generation industry, Quaker is often recommended by OEM’s as the preferred supplier for HFD-U fluids.

ISO 6743/4 specifies two types of HFD fluids:
  • HFD-R:  Anhydrous fluids with phosphate ester base
  • HFD-U:  Anhydrous fluids based on other compounds

Keywords: Hydraulic Fluids, Polyol Esters, Power Generation,

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Quaker has a fully equipped analytical laboratory that can be called upon to guide both service personnel and customers in getting the optimum performance from their QUINTOLUBRIC® hydraulic fluids. Field engineers and support staff have a record of proven performance in developing and commercializing technically advantaged custom formulationsfor our customers.