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By: Q-branch W. D  09-12-2011

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Currently, there are few options to create truly useful enterprise Forms+Workflow solutions:

  • Install commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) applications; giving you inflexible applications that don’t fit your business processes and cost too much
  • Develop your own application software; hire programmers and run your own project.
  • Use a playful SaaS provider; will it integrate with your systems? Will the data be secure?

We have reduced the amount of manual work required to create fully-functional and extensible enterprise Forms+Workflow. By collaborating closely with beta clients in many consulting engagements, we have engineered a platform that automates the basic tasks, data elements, and procedural flow of creating Forms+Workflow applications. Human intellect is required in creating the basic structures and in verifying that these fit the business need.  If they don’t the system allows for rapid changes – meaning that it is possible to iterate into the final version – rapidly and effectively.

This is a “best of both worlds” approach. We leverage existing knowledge of many variations of doing the same things in order to avoid reinventing the same solution at your expense.

Typically, a solution is built in a few days. When the business owners see the first draft, their eyes light up and many improvements come to light. These can be put into practice immediately. Within the same review session, we can create version 2, 3 and even the final version of the application. It’s that powerful.

Through our experience working with some of the world’s most admired companies, we can offer a selection of ready-made solutions to speed up your business.

Enrollments and Onboarding

We specialize in complex enrollments and on boarding procedures. We automate steps, allow for manual intervention when necessary, can generate automatic contract packages and even collect e-signatures. Imagine signing up thousands of new partners in a matter of weeks – without a support team of more than three people. We can show you how to do it.

Audit and Auditor Management

We can create a solution to manage your audits and your in-the field auditors effectively. Imagine one person managing several hundred field audits, pre-audit questionnaires, hundreds of corrective actions, thousands of deadlines and massive reporting. One person. We’ll show you how.

No business is an island. We can help you manage massive human and task-oriented information flows, from the inception of a partnership and along every step of the way. Whether it’s ensuring quality, assessing and collecting royalties or ensuring joint products are created effectively, we can help. Let us show you.