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By: Provision Wms  09-12-2011
Keywords: third party logistics, Warehouse Management

To be successful, 3PL businesses must be able to react quickly to the dynamic needs of their clients, AND accurately track, monitor, and assign charges to all billable warehouse events. Now you can govern the demands of multiple clients, inventory requirements, billing data and accurate invoicing – with proVision WMS!

proVision’s 3PL capability equips business owners with a flexible, user defined platform to handle the unpredictable nature of third party logistics including:

• Multi-Client Inventory Ownership
• 3PL Billing
• 3PL Customer Reporting
• 3PL Management Reporting
• User Defined Business Logic on a per Client Basis
• Dynamic 2-Way Data Transactions (EDI, XML, Delimited Files..).

proVision WMS is a 3PL-centric solution that combines native warehouse management features with advanced 3PL capabilities that YOU define, to meet the demands of different clients with their ever changing business rules.

Keywords: third party logistics, Warehouse Management

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