Manufacturers of Plastics Bottles

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Displaying 40 manufacturers of Plastics Bottles in Canada  

Phone: 905-494-1111   Fax: 905-494-1112
Plastic Bottles (manufacturers)

Phone: 506-857-8116   Fax: 506-858-7806
Bottles (plastic)

Phone: 905-458-1111   Fax: 905-458-0741
Plastic products, plastic bottles, plastic packaging products.

Phone: 506-634-8151   Fax: 506-634-1357
Plastic bottles.

Phone: 905-456-9568   Fax: 905-456-9569
Bottles (plastic)

Phone: 905-799-6006   Fax: 905-799-6900
Plastic containers

Phone: 902-564-2010   Fax: 902-562-6320
Plastic bottles for carbonated soft drinks and water.

Phone: 403-258-1501   Fax: 403-258-1577

Phone: 905-851-7439   Fax: 905-851-5880
Mfrg. of Plastic Bottles

Phone: 905-277-1486   Fax: 905-275-4255
Manufactur plastic bottles

Phone: 905-277-1486   Fax: 905-277-0316
Plastic bottles.

Phone: 416-749-0591   Fax: 416-747-9520
Industrial Products and Tools, Safety, Construction, Automotive and Woodworking IDI Member Product Access across Canada

Phone: 819-566-1994   Fax: 819-566-1846
Silk screen printing, logos, hockey pucks, sports accessories.

Phone: 613-632-0622   Fax: 613-632-0355
Containers (plastic), Bottles (plastic), Screen printing

Phone: 905-624-2337   Fax: 905-624-2250
Plastic bottles

Phone: 780-715-0322   Fax: 780-361-1997
We sell janitorial cleaning products, paper and tissue supplies, plastic bags, cleaning equipment and safety supplies. We specialize in offering the best environmental product choices. Our main store and warehouse are located in Fort McMurray, Alberta. Our area of focus include institutional, commercial and industrial customers.

Phone: 905-671-4885   Fax: 905-671-9488
Plastic Bottles (manufacturers)

Phone: 514-344-7860   Fax: 514-695-5559
Plastic injection and blow moulding specializing in plastic hangers, activity cases, PVC candle holders, cosmetic bottles, and accessories for toys.

Phone: 418-883-3333   Fax: 418-883-2596
Caps decoration

Phone: 514-631-1140   Fax: 514-631-9401

Phone: 905-458-0068
Mouldings (blow), Bottles (plastic)

Phone: 514-254-2333   Fax: 514-254-3322
Blow moulding containers and packaging products.

Phone: 780-451-9300   Fax: 780-447-3200
Plastic bottles.

Phone: 604-272-5000   Fax: 604-272-5200

Phone: 905-670-7400   Fax: 905-670-8585
Manufacturers of spring and distilled water, wholesaler of bottled water products (bottles, crates, caps and labels) and packer for private brands.

Phone: 514-631-1140

Phone: 514-422-8690   Fax: 514-422-0876
Plastic Bottles (manufacturers)

Phone: 604-270-0111   Fax: 604-270-8937
Bottles & jars, Srayers, Closures

Phone: 905-624-3391   Fax: 905-624-2288
Plastic and glass bottles, closures and associated articles, druggists and hospital pharmacy vials and glassware.

Phone: 204-786-6873   Fax: 204-786-1927
Automotive and household liquid chemicals and OTC wets and dries drugs.

Phone: 403-974-0370   Fax: 403-974-0380
Plastic Bottles (manufacturers)

Phone: 416-293-8233   Fax: 416-293-8526
Extrusion, injection and injection stretch blow moulded plastic bottles, plastic closures, dispensing, child resistant, custom injection moulding, decorating. Serving food, pharmaceutical, personal care and automotive markets.

Phone: 905-677-2324   Fax: 905-677-0226
Plastic bottles, jars and closures.

Phone: 416-284-0007
Your one stop shop for all your home beer, wine and pop making needs. We have a wide selection of products and are able to special order anything you can think of. We have one of the best selections of home brewing and wine making supplies under one roof in North America. CO2, carbon dioxide cylinders and tanks, beer fridges, etc.

Phone: 604-588-1915
Container Depots-Bottles & Cans (wholesale)

Phone: 905-789-9300   Fax: 905-789-6045
Empty plastic bottles & Containers

Phone: 416-752-8330   Fax: 416-752-1909
Plastic bottles and jars.

Phone: 416-213-7474   Fax: 416-213-7469
Plastic Bottles (manufacturers)

Phone: 604-530-1882   Fax: 604-530-9071
Bottles (plastic)

Phone: 403-207-7707   Fax: 403-248-1199
Plastic Bottles (manufacturers)

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