Monitoring Systems and Services

By: Pml Process  09-12-2011
Keywords: Sample Conditioning

Integrated Analyzer Systems

In addition to providing products and services, PML Process designs and manufactures analyzer systems for specific applications. This is commonly needed to satisfy area classification (i.e. explosion proof areas), weather protection and sample conditioning requirements.

Pictures of representative systems that have been delivered are on the

page. The creation of an analyzer system involves extensive and detailed discussions with the client to sort out exactly what is needed and prefered. Other key elements in the manufacture are: fulfilling quality control and contractual documentation requirements, developing and carrying out acceptance testing procedures, and getting systems approved to CSA (or other) specifications.

Please contact us should you have an interest in an analyzer system.

Keywords: Sample Conditioning

Other products and services from Pml Process


Monitoring Liquids

On-Line Continuous Chemical Analyzers for Liquids, products are in use around the world, providing advanced analytical systems and technical support for water quality testing, with solutions for lab, process, and field. The1950plus-turbo is designed for pure water applications such as USP grade water in pharmaceutical manufacturing and ultrapure water in semi-conductor manufacturing facilities.



The PML Process Product groups are divided into chemical Monitoring, Treatment, and Control. Monitoring is further subdivided into Liquids, Gases and Integrated Monitoring Systems. Chemical monitoring naturally goes hand in hand with treatment and control systems.


Monitoring Gases

One of PML's main suppliers of stack emission monitoring analyzers and systems* is CMC Solutions, L.L.C. Another is Optical Scientific who specialize in flow monitoring. Also called Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems or CEMS. On-Line Continuous Chemical Analyzers for Gases.



Pretreatment systems include storm water and plate separators, screens, strainers, dissolved air floatation systems and associated chemical injection and flocculation systems. AST's main products are pretreatment systems for industrial and food wastewater and process water systems to create custom designed water for specific applications.



In addition they create factory equipment layouts to automate material traffic and provide general project engineering and project management. They have experise in automating batch blending, adding bulk ingredients with high accuracy, and developing continuous flow processes. TEI has extensive experience in industrial process engineering. They can design new processes and new process equipment.