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Other products and services from Playdoh


HASBRO - PLAY-DOH Cake Makin' Station

Kids will be delighted to stamp out a fun "frosting" pattern onto their PLAY-DOH cake, use the "frosting" bag to add festive decorations at the next station and then extrude out colourful "toppings". Set includes four 3-ounce cans of colourful PLAY-DOH compound.


PLAY-DOH Twirl 'N Top Pizza Shop

Mold the perfect “crust” in the “oven,” grate “cheese” with the cheese sprinkler tool and then use the molds to create tons of “toppings.. Pile your “pizza” high, serve it and slice it — then start all over again. Whip up some delicious fun with this pizzeria set.



With all those new colours, your child can then mold, stamp and create fun designs out of the PLAY-DOH compound, or use it to match objects on the playmat. With this creative playset, your child has four ways to play and learn: colour recognition, colour mixing, molding and open-ended play. Spin the colour wheel and Elmo will name the colors as they go by; when the wheel stops on a colour, Elmo will talk about that colour.


PLAY-DOH Dr. Drill N Fill Playset

Patient’s head comes with 9 ounces of PLAY-DOH compound, electronic drill, tweezers, toothbrush, dentist tools and instructions. Using PLAH-DOH compound and your imagination, mold teeth and make braces to create a perfect smile for your patient. Use the noise-making drill and then fill it up. Going to the dentist has never been such fun. Does your patient have a cavity.