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By: Platinum Architecture Group  09-12-2011
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Our professional consultants are knowledgeable in such technologies as Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE), Java 2 Micro Edition (JME or J2ME), JDBC, Enterprise Java Beans (EJB), XML (schemas), Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and Web Service Description Language (WSDL). We work with our clients to achieve both immediate and long term goals.

  • Knowledge Transfer
    • Explain our thought process
    • Inform clients about our past experiences
  • Solve Immediate Business needs
    • SOAP or WSDL to interact with to legacy systems
    • using XML to transfer data
  • Deliver a solution for the present and the future
    • Flexible Design
    • Component Based Solution
      • Small parts are more flexible
      • Small parts are easier to test

By working with your own Information Technology (IT) department, we make sure that you achieve both immediate and long term goals. The immediate goal is normally to help design a new system to take care of a business need.  While designing this new system, we are constantly working with your IT members. By working with the IT members on a daily basis, we are constantly transferring our know and experience to your staff. This will allow them to maintain and improve the system for years to come.

Our professional consultants are knowledgeable in such technologies as Java 2 Enterprise Edition using either JDBC or Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) to retrieve data from database such as DB2 and Oracle. The current need of many customers is to integrate their legacy data (often on a variety of different platforms) with their new enterprise systems. SOAP is becoming the preferred method of shipping data to heterogeneous (different platforms / vendor's) systems.

Our professional consultants have designed architectures for many different systems. We use the Unified Modeling Langue (UML) to document the design of the emerging system. We then use either Unified Rational Process (URP) or eXtreme Programming (XP) to help control the project's schedule. By breaking the project into smaller more manageable pieces (normally around 6 weeks of work), the schedule for the current piece is unable to slip (more than a few weeks).

Many Java consultants are not familiar with Java Native Interface (JNI) or Java Micro Edition (JME). Both of these technologies are very imported for Embedded Systems since they address two different but equally important areas. JNI allows developers to make calls to native (normally c or C++ code) APIs stored in a Dynamical Linked Library (DLL) or a shared module. JME is a special subset of Java designed specifically for smaller devices.


Keywords: Enterprise Java, Java

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