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By: Pivotal Solutions  09-12-2011
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We achieve more for our clients than a traditional in-house HR function does by providing a dedicated HR Director, supported by a Group Leader, specialty skills and support services.

This team-based and integrated approach provides an affordable alternative to an internal hire. It provides your company the quality of an entire team of HR professionals on a fractional time and cost basis.

Why do companies outsource HR?

We interviewed a number of CEOs of small and mid-size companies and asked this very question. They told us that the three most important issues affecting their decision to outsource their HR management. First of all, they want to be comfortable that the outsourced provider has proven experience and a successful track record of helping companies just like theirs. Secondly, that the outsourced provider has both the breadth and the depth of specific HR skills to handle any particular "pain point" that they may face. Finally, their decision is based on an underlying need to upgrade their overall HR expertise, for which they don't currently have the resources internally.

Why should companies consider Pivotal?

Pivotal has provided outsourced HR management to over 200 small and mid-size companies since 1994 and the testimonials prove how successful Pivotal has been. Pivotal has twenty full time HR experts, most with the CHRP designation. This team has the specific skills to handle any situation that your company is facing today and in the future. The Pivotal solution is better and more cost effective that an in-house solution.

Pivotal's Solution: The process

We first start working with your company by conducting an HR Assessment, which helps us determine your company's goals, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to improve HR alignment with your business goals. From this discovery, we develop a Critical Path - basically a 6-12 month roadmap to implement changes and improvements to your HR function. The Critical Path can include items like organizational design and effectiveness, HR best practices, risk management, leadership development, retention and employer of choice strategies.

The Pivotal Advantage

The HR Assessment identifies the key HR opportunities relevant specifically to your company. We then develop a Critical Path and match an experience HR Director to address your pain points. We have over 20 other HR professionals who support this director, all able to address any number of HR situations your company could ever face. Which means regardless what HR issues arise, you won't need to pay for outside expertise - its all included in our business model.

Keywords: HR management, Outsourced Hr Management

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