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By: Pitcher Group  09-12-2011

If you could change someone’s life by lending them $25 would you do it? What if someone else was working with the borrower to make sure you got repaid?  What if that $25 not only helped the recipient, but helped her send her children to school?   Well that’s the opportunity you have with people like Jessica. Jessica is an …

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Peer Fundraising

More recently, pledge-based events like runs and walks have offered t-shirts, jackets and even things like televisions if individuals achieve particular fundraising targets. My first recollection of this was the boy scout apple. Charities have been providing incentives to donors.



Most companies and organizations fund sponsorship from marketing budgets and must evaluate sponsorship against other promotional opportunities. There are six reasons that companies will choose to support your organization with these type of partnership. Real sponsorship (versus charitable giving presented as sponsorship) is a marketing partnership. If you understand their potential motivations, you can be more successful with your proposals.



When it comes to fundraising events and peer-to-peer projects, we place the emphasis on revenue generation and let event logistics specialists or volunteers plan the party. On fundraising projects, our goal is for you to come to view us as a seamless part of the team. We provide your partners with significant benefits and value; so as to maximize your results. Our social media services help you build your online brand and audience interaction.