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By: Pinpoint Gps  09-12-2011
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PinPoint offers a variety of professional services that are intended to multiply the value that our customers obtain from their investment in Fleet Tracking systems.  Some of the service packages that we offer are:

Customized  Reporting

GPS Business Analysis

In today’s economy, employee resources are limited.  For GPS data to make a meaningful impact in your business it requires skill, knowledge, time, effort, and creativity.  The challenges of focusing on your core business may make allocation of adequate time to fully go over the data difficult. However, there is enormous value contained in that data. To help you mine that value, PinPoint provides business analysis on an outsourced basis.

Such analyses could be performed on an ad hoc / once off basis, or at regular set intervals as an extension of your company’s management tools, depending on your requirements.  Your company’s individual GPS data will be analyzed against benchmarks and best practices and business recommendations that focus on simple actions to allow you to capture performance improvements will be outlined.

We can tailor our analysis to include any specific parameters you would like measured.  The following is a list of standard areas we typically include:

  • Idling Analysis
  • Speed Analysis
  • Harsh Breaking and Rapid Acceleration (Jack Rabbit Starts / Stops) Analysis
  • Impacts on Fuel Costs
  • After Hours Usage /  Work Schedule Adherence
  • First Start and Last Start data by vehicle
  • Zone Analysis (Customer, Depot, Employee Residence, Coffee Shops, Corporate offices, etc.)
  • Overall Vehicle and Driver Performance and Scores
  • Driver Risk Analyses
  • Environmental Impact Analyses

Outsourced System Administration

Let PinPoint take on the task of managing the administration of your system. This provides you the best of all worlds – effortless operation of your fleet monitoring system, while at the same time, you are able to access the depth of skills within PinPoint for superior data analyses and business transformation suggestions.

Systems Integration

The power of the data generated by your fleet tracking system can be magnified if it is integrated with 3rd party application software in use within your business.  Enabling data to flow directly from the performance of a task into billing or payroll systems without any need for re-keying of the data eliminates cost, improves accuracy, and greatly reduces turnaround times.

Keywords: fleet tracking, Professional Services

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