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By: Peter Ouellette  09-12-2011
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Get a Better Deal on Your Mortgage

Mortgage Lenders are now offering all different rates discounts and incentives. There are reduced rates for the first 3 months or 6 months [ teasers ], Cash Back Mortgages, and loans offering free legal and appraisal fees.

There is a lot of shopping and negotiating to do. You may not have the desire or time, and, quite frankly, cannot do to the same extent as a professional. We are in constant contact with lenders across Canada ten hours a day six days a week. If there is a bargain out there we will find it.

MOST IMPORTANT – We work on your behalf and offer unbiased mortgage advice.    Rather than going to one lender and choosing from their particular menu of mortgage options, or approaching a mortgage representative who must sell  a specific line of mortgage products, turn to us to make sure you access ALL your mortgage options.  We will guide you to the mortgage that best suits your individual needs. 

LET US PROVE IT - Call you own financial institution or pull up their Web Page. See what the best rate and terms they are prepared to offer – then call us.

HOW IT WORKS – We will work with you to find the most suitable mortgage. We will then shop the market and negotiate the best set of rates and terms available. Once we have found the mortgage to your liking we will then change hats – we will work for that financial institution to collect the necessary back up paperwork and we will be paid by that financial institution. There is no charge to our clients for this service.

HERE TO THE END – We will be with you throughout the full amortization of your mortgage. We will be there to ensure you receive the best rates available on your renewals. We will be there everyday as an information resource.

With a Mortgage Broker, you are the winner, not the lender!

Keywords: Financial Institution, Mortgage