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By: Outside In Design + Build  09-12-2011

Because we combine site preparation and construction services with design and material specifications to create a holistic, integrated approach, you can enjoy greater project flexibility, budget control and build quality.

This integration of services, which includes you as part of the design team, provides greater flexibility in achieving the performance potential of our system, while ensuring expectations such as on-time completion and building performance directives are met.

The benefits of an integrated approach:

Single Source Accountability

Design and construction go hand-in-hand at OIDB, which ensures a single point of responsibility for cost, quality and the construction schedule.

High Quality

From the outset, your requirements and expectations are documented in performance terms, allowing us to clearly understand your wants and needs during the design phase and duplicating this set of specifications during the construction phase to ensure your project is well managed through to its completion.

Cost savings

Our design and construction teams work together and can evaluate and communicate the options of alternative materials and methods in order to efficiently and accurately create a bill of materials with detailed costs.

The integrated team approach allows for effective and early communication in order to look at all angles of the project and engineer value solutions from the beginning.

Time savings

Design and construction phases can be overlapped and the need for bidding and redesign are negated, allowing project timelines to be reduced. Lower costs and earlier commissioning are direct results.

Reduced administrative burden

As both design and construction are handled by us there’s no need for you to co-ordinate the architect and builder contracts. A focus on timely decision making is all that is required.

Construction costs confirmed early

An almost immediate construction cost can be determined once scope of work has been detailed and agreed upon. Decision to proceed can be made before substantial design expenses are accrued.

Improved risk management

Aspects of cost, schedule and quality are clearly defined and the risks and responsibilities can be easily managed by all appropriate parties. Change orders regarding errors and omissions can virtually be eliminated, as we have the responsibility for developing drawings and specs as well as constructing the project.

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