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By: Orlem  09-12-2011
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To achieve successful implementation, we’ve adopted a proven implementation method that is widely used by many Microsoft Certified Partners worldwide. We provide the following services:

  • Project Management

    Practised through the centuries, Project Management deals with ensuring the implementation progress goes through on time & within budget. At Orlem Inc. we will not only plan and organize, but more importantly manage all your business projects.
  • Implementation Plan

    Schedule all resources to cope with the expected progress. Creating an Implementation Plan can be a daunting task for a single entity. If left to the last moment, especially in this market scenario where scarcity of resources is omnipresent. Orlem Inc. can prevent those issues or hassles from arising by handling your strategic plans from day one so your company won’t incur any losses due to poor management.
  • Installation

    Review and tune-up with all infrastructure software & hardware
  • Configuration

    Configure to match your business situation
  • Prototyping

    Ensure the trustiness of the configured Microsoft Dynamics with minimal effort, with which you’ll recieve from our analysts tangible and qantifiable working models of your information systems. Just to give you some of the plus points of prototyping: you’ll notice higher user satisfaction, there will be a reduction in your costs and since it’s interactive, it’ll automatically get you involved in the working process.
  • Customization

    Meet specific user requirements
  • Integration

    Interface with other systems and platforms
  • Report Writing

    Meet specific reporting needs. Report writing when done well can be advantageous and valuable to your business. It is one of the fundamental aspects for your business in order to keep records, to communicate information to stakeholders, and to buoy your RnD where possible. Report writing should never be considered dull, boring or even uninteresting as it is as real as it gets and that includes from the training of staff to organizing of board meetings.
  • Data Migration

    Guarantee seamless transition from legacy system Allow Orlem Inc. to seamlessly migrate your companies’ data, especially if you’ll are upgrading from one system software or database to another. While most individuals do this on an external media, comapanies often look for a more reliable and stable setting. And that’s where we come in; we guarantee that although migrated data is moved offline, newtwork access will still be available to the end user, allowing for a richer environment to conduct current businness.
  • Training

    Training – A bit too generic, you can take it out. If you want me to keep it we’ll have to talk a bit further about your company and the methods you’ll use to train specific companies Help user adapt to the new system
  • Go Live

    Ensure the Microsoft Dynamics implementation is successful & completed
  • Maintenance Support

    Provide pertinent help to any system issue. To what extent are you’ll willing to go with maintenance Support. You say here ANY system issue. Tomorrow if as a small business owner, say a flower shop owner in Milton, I have an issue with getting my buggy windows Vista started, will Orlem Inc. take some time out to help me. Or I’m I misreading what “system” means?

We engage with clients as well as with the project. From the initial stage we are dedicated to every project web client technology partners to enhance everything related to the innovation of website, application or product that is developed.

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Keywords: Project Management

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