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By: Oneworld Energy  09-12-2011

Oneworld operates in an advisory capacity on all technical matters relating to a wind project including the selection of turbine brands, service contracts or any other technical matters.

Due Diligence

  • Oneworld Energy works together with a network of highly competent and experienced partners in order to cover the entire due diligence in the technical, legal, and financial areas.
  • In our technical due diligence we make technical quality inspections and wind farm output evaluation.
  • In the legal due diligence we work only with reputable law firms who have long track record in wind park trade.
  • In relation to the financial due diligence we go through all assumptions in the financial model and we make our own valuation based on our considerable market knowledge.

Feasibility Study

Oneworld carries out detailed feasibility studies with our clients to determine the viability of a proposed wind park.  A feasibility study varies from area to area, but normally we work through the following points before proceeding with a project:

  • Landscape assessment
  • Grid integration studies
  • Wind resources and measurements
  • Community Issues (benefits/involvement/action groups).
  • Geotechnical and foundation studies
  • Noise and shadow studies
  • Radar, telecom, flyzones
  • Environmental impact
  • Investigating support mechanisms

Other products and services from Oneworld Energy


large commercial projects |

To date, Oneworld has concentrated the provision of its service offerings in regions where a long-term FIT program has been enacted, solar radiation is average to above average and there is an appetite for ownership of solar energy projects, with the aim of delivering long-term returns on investment for and to its clients.


Operations and Maintenance Service Business to the Wind Energy Sector

Opportunities exist to develop relationships with Europe based wind farms owners or European-based operational and maintenance service providers needing Composotech’s expertise. Lightning strikes which account for an estimate 5% of the fleet/year are not covered under the warranty and are the owner/operator’s responsibility to repair.


procurement |

WElink works with a large base of high quality suppliers in Asia, North America and Europe to supply polysilicon, solar wafers and solar modules to its clients.


rooftop and small commercial |

Oneworld is also focused on residential and small commercial solar power projects primarily in Ontario, Canada, for both ground mounted PV solar systems and rooftop PV solar systems from 2 kW to 2 MW in capacity. Oneworld offers its residential and small commercial customers the full complement of its turnkey integration and advisory services.


solar services |

Development, Design and Advisory Services – Oneworld provides development, design and advisory services which include site sourcing, project design, meeting permitting and regulatory compliance standards, pricing evaluations, project finance sourcing, materials sourcing, and locating engineering needs for the balance of the project’s construction.


solar services finance |

We offer project financing consultancy services that optimize the allocation of financial resources with the aim of delivering long-term returns on investment for and to clients. With a proven track record and a wealth of management experience in finance, Oneworld provides project finance sourcing tailored to the requirements of each individual project.