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By: Novoton  09-12-2011
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       Consulting is our main business. We enjoy helping others keep up to if not ahead of today's fast moving world of technology.   As a service company,  it is in our best interests to help all our clients and if we aren't able to, we will work just as hard to refer you to someone who can.

       Many companies and individuals rely on different software products for their daily operations. From accounting to word processing, database to report writing, each company or person has his or her own preferences and needs.  


At the rate that hardware technology is moving, you need a company that will help you decide what are the best products to buy today, so that they do not get outdated tomorrow.

       CompuPro Inc., can provide you with a variety of hardware consulting services such as:

       CompuPro Solutions Inc., can give you professional recommendations towards any hardware purchase. We can help you decide what type of vendors to buy from, retail, and mail order, local or wholesale. 

        Depending on your budget and needs, we can advise you about the pros and cons of what brand of equipment to buy and where to buy it.

       We can actually design your systems with you and match those specifications with various vendors to get the best quality at the lowest prices. We can even build the computer system for you and deliver it to your home or office.

       We have a network of local vendors who can assist you in your hardware needs. If you decide that you would like to work with a local vendor, we can set you up with one who will take care of you from beginning to end.

       Cabling system is the infrastructure upon which a successful LAN is built. Its reliability is a must to insure quick and efficient communication between the workstations and servers.

       CompuPro Inc. understands installation of modern high speed data transfer cable requires highly trained personnel whose expertise, experience and knowledge are unquestionable.

        It is their goal to avoid common errors such as pinching and stretching and ensure smooth passage for data moving at ever-faster speeds. We design and install Twisted Pair, Coax and Fiber Optic cable for Ethernet and other topologies.

        Whether upgrading your LAN or starting from scratch, CompuPro’s staff ensures that potential advantages translate into measurable increases in productivity, communication and organizational effectiveness

Our staff will guide you through the various implementation stages:

    We will conduct a thorough site survey and needs analysis, working with you to create your network design. We then develop an implementation plan and integrate the various systems (Novell, NT ) into a single unit.

The decision to go to a Network to run your applications allows you to enjoy a number of benefits:

Increase Growth and Efficiency
A LAN increases productivity by allowing all users with security clearance to share information stored on a central file server. This increases the speed of information access and reduces duplication of effort.

Minimize Cost
With a network, individuals share cost intensive equipment such as printers and disk drives, thereby minimizing expenses. Your LAN provides greater control of software packages, enabling you to easily select the version required. Network software is also considerably less expensive than standalone software on a per user basis.

Protect Corporate Data
Corporate data is thoroughly protected, through a UPS, Network security software and software back-up systems.

Improve Communications
By using remote communications tools, you can access clients and supplier computer systems.

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Keywords: Hardware, lan

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