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By: Net Iq  09-12-2011
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NetIQ Aegis: Convert Manual Tasks into Automatic Processes

NetIQ® Aegis™ allows IT operations and security professionals to take the mundane, repetitive tasks that take up time and make them automatic processes. This platform works across hardware and software combinations and includes an easy graphical interface to simplify automated processes creation.

NetIQ Aegis models, automates, measures and improves run books and ®-based processes, bringing control and automation to IT Operations and Security.

  • Get more done with your current staff. Offload routine or mundane tasks so operators and administrators become more productive.
  • Use existing tools and processes. No need to rip and replace tools already in use.
  • Buy Aegis, get a correlation engine. Aegis includes a built-in correlation engine that reduces the number of events from multiple sources and re-prioritizes events based on service impact, reducing the cost of incident and problem management.
  • Continuously improve service levels. Aegis supplies built in performance metrics that help you benchmark performance, identify bottlenecks, streamline operations, and apply continuous improvement methods.
  • Enforce policy adoption. Aegis gives you greater control of daily activities for more consistent service delivery and automated compliance with IT policies, with less policy training and cumbersome documentation.

Forrester Says:

“IT process automation is a solution that can actually interconnect products in an intelligent scheme and aggregate data to be delivered to the right user. The most important announcement to date around this integration potential has come from NetIQ Aegis: It is proposing an architecture that combines data collection from different sources with a process automation layer able to deliver the right information to the right user in the context of an ITIL process. While this is an inherent capability of all IT process automation products available on the market, NetIQ is the first IT management software vendor to take the concept to logical and full implementation.”

Market Overview: The IT Management Software Market In 2008, Forrester Research, Inc., March 19, 2008.

Aegis leverages the "NetIQ DNA"—10+ years of expertise in Systems and Security Management. Aegis has several key differentiators:

  • An embedded, but separate correlation engine improves scalability by reducing the number of event triggers and filtering out event state changes that would otherwise bog down the workflow automation software engine
  • Ease-of-use features such as drag and drop manipulation and out of the box templates for common processes which can be shared on the Aegis Qmunity pages
  • Heterogeneous adapter development; NetIQ does not have a monolithic framework to integrate with or promote
  • Security and compliance automation in addition to operations automation built on NetIQ's expertise in security and policy management solutions
  • Additional benifits for current NetIQ customers. Tight integration with AppManager, Security Manager, Secure Configuration Manager and other products makes Aegis an obvious choice

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