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By: Neighbour's Appliance Service  09-12-2011

Leaks can occur on these machines for many different reasons. The most common though, is leaking due to damage to the door boot (or bellow as it is also commonly called.) It does not take much for a leak to develop.  In this case the customer had shut the door with an item of clothing trapped between the door boot and the bottom of the door glass. When the unit went into its spin cycle, it pulled on the gasket hard enough to change the shape of the flap that seals to the bottom of the door. This unit was not leaking much – maybe a tablespoon per load, but it was definitely caused by this little wrinkle.

If yours is leaking and there are no obvious tears or holes in the door boot, then take a look at the bottom edge and see if it is a bit misshapen.  If it is, a door boot replacement is what you’ll be doing to fix it.

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If your fridge has been above 40 deg for any longer than a couple of hours then I would begin to throw some stuff out. On the freezer side, I say that if the product is anything but rock hard, either cook it or throw it out. Condiments such as ketchup, mustard, pickles, etc. will usually be Ok for a while in a warm environment. When the power is out, don’t even check the fridge – believe me, the power is out in it as well.


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If you have a Whirlpool or Kitchen Aid dishwasher that is either not draining or draining slow … and you’ve checked all the regular culprits for this problem (blocked drain hose at sink stack, crushed or collapsed hose, plugged sump, etc.), then you need to check the backflow check-valve in the hose itself. If you use a flashlight and backlight it, you should see it flap open when the drain pump starts.


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If the floor was not installed under the dishwasher, then it is virtually impossible to remove the dishwasher without either damaging the floor, damaging the dishwasher or lifting the countertop. This is especially true of dishwashers that were installed before ceramic or hardwood floor was laid down. One of the problems that I run into as a serviceman are appliances that have been ‘built-in..


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While some closets can accomodate a full size pair stacked up, more often this installation is used with the smaller washer and dryers to fit within a narrow closet space. Often integrated washing machines need to be plugged in and hooked up to water while taken apart for the service man to figure out what is wrong with it.