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By: Naturalclick  09-12-2011
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Our Process follows:

1. Opening an AdWords Account

2. Targeting Your Campaign

3. Writing Effective Ads

4. Utilizing Keyword Matching Options

5. Creating Bidding Strategies

6. Run PPC Reports

7. Track Conversions

8. Optimize Your Account

Opening an Adwords Account

People may find this easy, and it is! Nonetheless, do these same people know how to properly set up campaigns, ads, keywords, as well as run proper analytics for keyword research? Most likely not.

Setting up an AdWords Account takes extensive knowledge and creativity. How? Well, setting up a campaign or campaigns for yourself may be extremely difficult and frustrating if you do not know what you’re doing. For example, if you have a sports store and you have a campaign set up for summer sports such as soccer and baseball, this may all be fine for the time, but scheduling, campaign pausing and analytics must be constantly reviewed in order to determine what is best.

What does that mean? If many of your store purchases come in during weekends when most working people are off, it may be more beneficial to run your campaigns only on the weekends. As well, when winter time comes, new campaigns also must be created for winter sports! So after all of this, it does not seem so easy…

Targeting Your Campaign

Writing Effective Ads

Utilizing Keyword Matching Options

Keyword matching options should be mainly used to improve your PPC efforts by ensuring that your text ads show when you want them to. One of the first things you should know is that there are three different types of keyword matching options. First off is broad match. This type of matching is actually the default setting for each keyword or phrase when you start up a campaign. By simply adding quotes, you bring yourself to phrase matches, and brackets for exact matches.

Phrase matches are generally used for when you want your ad to be triggered from a certain phrase. More specifically, you would want to use this for common or general terms that lead to a more specific search term or phrase. For example, phrase matches will pull up “hockey equipment for kids” if your phrase is “hockey equipment”.

Thirdly, we only use exact matches if we’re sure that the phrase will be used on a common basis. Moreover, if there is any small niche markets, exact matches can also come in handy for ppc.

Creating Bidding Strategies

Aiming for the middle of that dartboard in the search engine ranking world is always a great step towards success. What helps more is creating multiple bidding strategies to increase your exposure on the PPC search engines. Although this tends to cost more money, it is the quickest and most effective way to gain traffic fast.

Run PPC Reports

Track Conversions

Your websites conversions are crucial in identifying and evaluating the success of your online marketing and SEO efforts. Through the use of our software and Google’s reporting platforms, we will be able to show you the percent of conversions relative to your website views and impressions! Once our conversion tracking registers any type of conversion, this transaction is called a cost-per-action.

Keywords: search engine

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