By: MyLeakyBladder  26-03-2014
Keywords: Bladder Infection Treatment, Bladder control women, Detrusor muscle in MS patients,

It is better not be embarrassed about leaky bladder and there are both natural treatment and medical leaky bladder treatment available- • Bladder training helps change the way the patients use the bathroom. The patients urinate at set times of the day. • Pelvic floor exercises help strengthen the muscles that control urination. • Patients are suggested not to drink fluids right before they go to bed. • A group of drugs known as anticholinergics combat this problem by blocking the signal of the nerves related to muscle contractions of the bladder. http://www.myleakybladder.ca/causes/

Keywords: Bladder control women, Bladder Infection Treatment, Detrusor muscle in MS patients, Overactive Bladder Symptoms, Overactive Bladder Treatment,