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By: Msb  09-12-2011

Risk Selection Can Be A Dicey Proposition

You already know that every property possesses some degree of risk. Some low, others high. What you may not know, however, is how to properly identify the profitable risks.

And you wouldn't be alone.

Recognizing profitable risks is very difficult. So many factors affect a property's level of risk, that you need enormous amounts of property data and expert insight to establish it.

This is where MSB's Risk Selection and Pricing Solutions come in.

We have the necessary data to establish a property's true risk level. Beyond that, we have the insight to turn the data into real pricing solutions for your business.

Our Risk Selection and Pricing Solutions not only separate the low risk properties from the high, but we also help you establish proper pricing for each.

This allows you to properly manage and measure any risk in your book of business.

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This practice revolutionized the auto insurance industry as it allowed carriers to underwrite and price accounts with pinpoint accuracy. This understanding enhances your pricing and risk selection without requiring you to significantly alter your underwriting practices. The PerilVision scores help you understand how home characteristics correlate with losses caused by different perils.


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Our technological and consulting services allow us to dig deep into our data to create solutions specialized for your business needs. So many factors contribute to a property's level of risk, making it nearly impossible to properly assess risk on your own. MSB has been the leading provider of building information to the property and casualty insurance sector.


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With every improvement, update or addition made to a property, SightLine Solutions are there to ensure you maintain its proper ITV. Customer contact programs and on-site inspections all work together to capture changes that lead to undervaluation. This keeps your book of business current and allows you to properly meet the needs of your customers. Our SightLine Services provide an unmatched level of insight into your book of business.


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To cope with the unpredictability of catastrophes like these, you need access to precise and localized building cost data. ClaimSight is your ally in analyzing claims data and transformingit into valuable management strategies. That is why you need MSB's ClaimSight suite of products and services. These are just a few of the ways Mother Nature unleashes her wrath. It also helps to have user-friendly property adjusting software.


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This minimization of unforeseen risks helps you realize your full premium potential and gives you a competitive advantage over your competition. Studies show that coverage adequacy of cedent can vary greatly due to market conditions, underwriting practices and numerous other factors. Do you know if the property portfolios you quote have coverage that reflects the true exposure in the event of a catastrophe.


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By thoroughly studying all of a property’s components, you will avoid leaving money on the table and exposing yourself to litigation by undervaluing a policy. The same can be said of pricing a new policy without thoroughly investigating the property-it’s an awfully risky proposition. That is why we pioneered the “total-component” approach to underwriting property valuation.


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Because competitive pressures demand that you calculate risk-specific property reconstruction costs accurately and efficiently, MSB builds “total-component” methodology into every. We base this approach on the concept that a building’s unique features, rather than its square footage, determine its actual reconstruction cost.