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Moosa Security Corporation offers personalized security solutions, no matter what your needs may be. In our eyes, protecting your home and your family is just as important as protecting a major corporation from internal or external threats. Not only do we offer reliable, easy-to-use products, but we also guarantee we’ll match the price of any other security company in Canada!SERVICESVIDEO SURVEILLANCEA video surveillance system can reduce major risks, bothexternally and internally. Just the presence of cameras can discouragepotential fraud and burglaries from occurring. In the unfortunate event thatyou are the victim of some sort of crime, your video surveillance system willhave documented the whole thing.CARD ACCESSCard access systems perform a very basic function: they keep unwanted guests out, but also let authorized personnel onto the premises. SECURITY SYSTEMSTo get the best protection against unauthorized entrance toyour premises, you need a security system customized to your business’s needs.Many security systems even come with panic buttons for employees to use in caseof robbery. If you want to make sure your employees, customers, and premisesare safe; you want to make sure the authorities are on their way as fast aspossible.

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