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By: Mmcrystal  09-12-2011 » Television Appearances

Of course, a big part of the Toronto International Film Festival is…


So I took my sister Maureen and went out to the Defendor party at ET Canada’s Festival Central, a glamorous “pop up club” on the very top of an industrial building in downtown Toronto. It was an amazing setting that looked totally like Miami, even though it was staged on the upper level of a parking garage in Yorkville.

Really… the folks at ET Canada sure know how to put on a party!

Fortunately, the place wasn’t too busy when we arrived at about 9pm, so I got to chat with Cheryl Hickey as soon as we walked in. She is the most beautiful pregnant lady ever. and is ready to explode  right now!  Thank God  her baby’s due in just a few more weeks.

It was such a beautiful night, we stayed near the entrance to Festival Central . The perfect spot to catch people as they came in. That  meant we were close to the action, but far from the bathroom!

That’s music to my ears… women fighting for the chance to wear my jewelry.

I’ll have more news about the TIFF party in my next post. Stay tuned!

Rosey Edeh, Cheryl Hickey and Kim D’Eon at the Defendor after-party
(September 11, 2009 – Photo by Jag Gundu/Getty Images North America)

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09-12-2011 » Press Releases

TORONTO, CANADA, October 12, 2009 — MMCrystal has announced the launch of their collection for Fall 2009 with a new fashion alliance, teaming up with visionary Canadian designer Andy Thê-Anh to offer fine Swarovski crystal jewelry in his Montréal and Toronto boutiques. I think this is the perfect entrée into the Montreal market for MMCrystal”, says Michelle Merizzi, founder and designer for MMCrystal from her office in Mississauga, Ontario.

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Put your jewelry on after your perfume and hair spray are dry. Never submerge your jewelry in liquid cleaner. Wipe your jewelry clean with a soft cloth.

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This regal beauty is Deanna Blue, Mary Kay’s Queen of Independent Beauty Consultant Court of Personal Sales for the 13th time. She’s proudly showing off her Seminar 2011 jewelry reward – a stunning Swarovski jewelry set by MMCrystal.

09-12-2011 » Celebrity Sightings

Look at Victoria’s Secret supermodel Emanuela De Paula (in an Ines de Santo creation) wearing an MMCrystal couture red necklace at the launch of Virgin Mobile’s HSPA+ mobile network special event in Toronto. Here’s Victoria’s Secret supermodel Brooklyn Decker wearing 80105-earrings, 80401 and 10105-B1 bracelets at the launch of Virgin Mobile’s HSPA+ mobile network special event in Toronto, February 2010.