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By: Mevo  09-12-2011
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Why should I print materials for my business?

Believe it or not businesses are using more print today than at any other time in history. Even though the internet has made it easier and faster to communicate directly with your customers, printing is and always will be an important tool for business. Printing materials for meetings to compliment that power point presentation or building a media pack to leave with prospective clients, printing is a great way to engage and add an extra dimension to your identity.

There are so many ways to include print materials into your business. Printing materials can be used for specialty items or in your day to day activities. Every employee, manager, director, Vice President or CEO needs a business card that they would carry with them throughout their day.

Most businesses will use contracts, invoices and envelopes that they would use to keep their customers informed of the ongoing business relationship. They may or may not use Letterhead documents that place their logo and information on the page so that the companies brand and image is kept aligned with all of their marketing.

Printing for your business is such an important area that is often overlooked. Sometimes businesses will only print documents and marketing materials as they go and may end up spending a lot more money because using a small office printer or even an enterprise digital office printer on certain print materials can diminish print quality and cost significantly more.

The importance of having your print materials accessible and available when a prospect or client requests them is also very important and is often overlooked. The convenience of preparing yourself for the quarter or the year with all of your main print materials will free up time for you to focus on other business matters and also save you money.

Custom printing is one way to differentiate yourself from your competition. Custom printing is exactly what it suggests, a customized printing application that will tailor the print materials to suit your specific needs. Usually the word custom implies that it is expensive, although this is often the case, with the right marketing consultant to help you tailor your message and print requirements you may actually save money or acquire a far superior print product at close to the same price as a subpar product.

It boils down to knowledge, creativity and network. Your marketing consultant may not be all things to everybody, just like your business may not be the right solution for all consumers. But if your marketing consultant has good ideas and a strong network of businesses around him, there is a good chance that he will be able to find a solution that meets both your budget and needs.

Separating yourself from the countless number of businesses that are competing for the same customers is not always the easiest task. With so many options and the ease of accessing information it is very important to create a brand identity that transcends beyond your physical business. One of the best ways to do this is utilizing print materials to communicate directly to your customer. There are some standard methods that are commonly used and prove effective. The reality is that what is important to you as a business owner or head of a department is to increase revenues and control expenses. It is necessary to create systems that will enable you to track and gauge results. With print materials you can promote your event, special promotion or just create a campaign strictly for awareness. No matter what the reason print materials are one of the best ways to extend your brand beyond yourself and your physical location.

Business Cards

Business cards are a great way to represent you when you are no longer physically in the presence of your client or prospect. How clearly and effectively you create your business card will determine how much of an impression you leave on your prospect. Creating a multi-dimensional experience is so important in these competitive times and business cards are just one of the many ways that you can give your business a voice.


Along with business cards businesses will print a variety of flyers for use in their operation both internally and externally. Post Cards are probably the most commonly used flyers in business. Post Cards can be used to hand out at trade shows or to mail out to prospective clients. Post Cards can have generic messages or can have targeted messages aimed at a specific individual or group.


Printed brochures may be used as menus for a business or an outline for a product or list of products. Whatever the need, a printed, folded brochure is always a great addition to your business. There are a variety of sizes of printed brochures; there are also a number of ways that the printed brochures can be folded as well. They can be centre fold, tri-fold and literally many other ways that brochures can be folded depending on your needs.

You should always consider printing materials to go along with any electronic materials that you may have.

The list is endless but below you will find a list of some standard printing materials that may be of use to you at some point throughout your business life: 

Business cards, flyers, post cards, sales flyers, folded brochures, sales sheets, posters, foam core signs, coroplast signs, and banners.

Let one of our highly specialized agents work together with you to find the right printing solution for your business. We constantly strive to find better quality printing services at very competitive rates so you will be able to save money and have confidence in your purchasing decisions.

Keywords: Business Card, Flyers, Printing