McDowell Electric - lighting

By: Mcdowell Electric  09-12-2011

Energy savings lighting retrofits, lighting repairs and service, new lighting installations, High Pressure Sodium (HPS), Metal Halide (MH), fluorescent, compact fluorescent, incandescent, quartz, theatrical lighting systems, manual and programmable dimming systems, exit and emergency lighting, McDowell has done them all. Whether you have a design already in place, desire a modest upgrade or you require a complete study and cost comparison benefit analysis, McDowell can help.

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McDowell Electric - contractor

Whether a client is adding to their existing facility, requires extensive renovations, or is moving their office and / or production facility to an entirely new location, McDowell can assist right from the initial planning stage of power, lighting and communication systems, to moving in and final commissioning.


McDowell Electric - support

Supported by a live answering service and a staff ready to be mobilized for after regular business hours emergency service to your facility. Whether it's to bring a production line back into operation….repair a fault on your electrical service…. Whatever the electrical related problem might be, McDowell support staff are available to assist.


McDowell Electric - partner

McDowell has also been active in developing "Project Partnerships" for many years providing installation services for radio and television broadcast systems, control systems, and specialty lighting and sound systems, often at some very unique and high profile commercial facilities.


McDowell Electric - process

The Service component of the Industrial Electronics business for McDowell is very much complemented by the design, fabrication, installation, and commissioning of a wide range of Process Control Systems.


McDowell Electric - industrialElectronics

In some cases at the time of the initial service call a complete repair is either not possible, or perhaps not practical, and as certain machine functionality may not be required for a particular shift, sometimes they can be temporarily bypassed until the required parts are available or a more opportune time can be scheduled.


McDowell Electric - cabling

It may involve the complete wiring of recently acquired space or the complete testing of an existing cabling system to determine the quality and speed capabilities, or to source the possible cause of network issues. McDowell has been involved in the design and implementation of communication infrastructures for many years for both commercial and industrial facilities.


McDowell Electric - industrial

The term "Industrial Electronics" can cover anything from a basic electronic timing relay, to a Programmable Logic Controller , and / or variable speed drives, and include a wide variety of discrete and analog field devices. We have been involved in the design and implementation of communication infrastructures for many years for both commercial and industrial facilities.