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By: Max Going Public  09-12-2011
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We are a team consisting of highly competent and experienced bankers, financial professional and public relation experts. Together we can offer you turn-key solution. We can make the whole jargon easy for you. We do everything including filing all forms, providing even all shareholders if necessary, filing 211, and getting market makers involved until you are trading under your own stock trading symbol. Our services are also available to you to contact our vast network of investment bankers should you need additional funding at a later stage. There is even more .... we can put our strategic partnership with a leading stock promotion firm at your disposal. This in itself can guarantee success of your IPO. A quality stock promotion campaign is absolutely essential to the success of a publicly traded company. Our company can help you in going public for lesser cost than other would charge you.

Our advice to you: First, Get a no-cost going public assessment and a confidential review of your private company. We will review your Executive Summary and the Business Plan to give a quick assessment at no charge to you. This will entirely confidential. We also provide due diligence and can also evaluate public shells and deal terms in strict confidence. REVERSE MERGER is one where at least 51% of ownership interest in the private company is acquired by shell company in a transaction where at least 51% (sometime upto 90% or more of the shell company's shareholders) stock are acquired by provate company at the conclusion of the transaction. The shell company survives because only it's shares have the right to be traded in public market, but the shareholders of private company are now in control. They can then change the name of the company to their company's name and can elect their nominees to the Board. INVESTORS RELATIONS OPPORTUNITIES: We can introduce to Investment bankers specific to your industry and geographical area, also bankers, institutional investors and Private Equity Fund. We can also help you in getting information out to the general public as well as investors community and the Wall Street Journal. PRESENTATION TO INVESTMENT BANKERS: We can help you make a presentation to as many as 20 to 30 investment banking firms to provide best possible exposure to your IPO. CONFERENCES AND ROAD SHOW: Without successful road show your IPO will be a lackluster effort. We can guide you how to organise this event to ensure maximum results.


Maxgoingpublic.com is not a law firm and does not represent itslef as a legal firm and is not competent to provide legal counsel. However, licensed attorneys well experienced in this particular field are hired by us to render advice on the legal portion of our clients' assignment. Maxgoing public.com does not perform any underwriting function either. We act solely on behalf of our clients in providing in-house consulting and advisory services. The services rendered by Maxgoingpublic.com does not cover the rendition of professional legal accounting and financial advice and investment advisory services. Maxgoingpublic.com absolves itself of any liability arising from the professional advice of any of the named professionals.

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