By: Maritz Research  09-12-2011

Our segmentation studies begin by defining the purpose and use of the segmentation, before the first questionnaire is ever written. We start by clearly understanding characteristics that will help identify the segments and distinguish one group from the next. The variables may include demographics, beliefs, attitudes, category perception, brand usage, media, and more.

Segment identification is the next phase of the segmentation study. Here, Maritz Research carefully brings both art and science to the process. With exploratory analysis and modeling on collected data, we are able to accurately label each segment, which will lead us to the most viable segmentation options.

Our Segmentation Viewer empowers you and your team with an easier way to compare one segment solution with another. The Viewer will help you analyze segment relevance, statistical validity, and each group's value, helping you zero in on the final segmentation solution.

Other products and services from Maritz Research


Maritz Research | CE Benchmarks

CEBenchmarks is a syndicated customer experience benchmarking study that helps your company better understand how it compares to the competition. It tracks customer experience activity across more than 30 industry categories.


Product & Pricing

That’s all the more reason to assess your new and current products to analyze such critical factors as product strengths and weaknesses, key features, pricing, customer expectations, and competition. Maritz Research can help you minimize your risk, define the critical path to success, and maximize the opportunity. New product development is a major investment of money and time.


Customer Experience Research | Maritz Research

Our Customer Experience Measurement experts are available for consulting to assist with assessing customer experience programs, blueprinting, action planning, and leveraging the voice of the customer. Find out how you stack up to your competitors on key customer experience measures, within and outside your own industry with CEBenchmarks, Maritz Research's syndicated benchmark study.


The Maritz CE – 3D Framework

As we evaluate the wealth of information from the wide range of sources, we use sophisticated, state-of-the-art analysis, modeling and simulators to glean convergent and divergent findings at both the enterprise and unit levels. Maritz Research understands the need to help your managers and employees turn customer experience measurement into a sustained action plan that will deliver results.


Business Solutions Marketing Research | Maritz Research

One of the top challenges cited by CEO’s, understanding and improving the customer experience can have tremendous impact on your company’s financial success. To grow your brand, it is critical to understand how people perceive it. Your company’s brand is one of your greatest assets.


Branding & Messaging

Take a closer look at three types of research, Message Optimization, Brand Image and Positioning, Attitude and Usage, that can provide insight into how to build your company’s brand. Maritz Research will help you and your company gain an accurate sense of how people perceive your brand as well as how to strengthen its value, point of difference, and messaging.