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By: Management Research And Solutions  09-12-2011
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Most small and mid-size companies have a strong sales orientation. But many rely too heavily on the personal abilities and industry relationships of their sales staff.

Without a clear distinction between sales, marketing and a standardized sales process, it is difficult to project revenues and growth from year to year, let alone manage a sales force, and as a result, a company becomes vulnerable to the personal efforts of the owner or sales staff. If a key sales person leaves, the company may lose its accounts and sales skill with that departure.

Developing a clear strategy involves a customized blend of sales techniques, contact management and sales training, as well as a clear definition of success within the sales cycle. These elements, along with an overall marketing plan, will enable a company to realistically project revenues and growth from year to year.

Sales strategies need to be more than just hope – they require strong implementation and discipline. 

What we often hear…

  • Good sales people are hard to find.
  • I’m not sure how to pay my sales people.
  • I feel held hostage by one or two key producers.
  • I don’t know what my customers want.
  • My advertising doesn’t work.
  • I need more consistent sales.
  • People take forever to make decisions.
  • I never really know where my sales people are or what they are doing.

We help companies establish systems that…

  • Ensure their sales process is reaching the most probable customers. 
  • Identify their customer base and ensure marketing efforts to it. 
  • Create a process they can teach others.
  • Design the most effective sales development program.
  • Recruit, hire and train effective sales people.
  • Manage territories and markets effectively and efficiently.
  • Track and evaluate promotional efforts and sales performance.
  • Develop responses to the most common customer questions.
  • Identify, evaluate and correct problems in their sales process.

Keywords: Marketing

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