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By: M87systems  09-12-2011
Keywords: Data Warehousing, data warehouse, business intelligence

M87systems Corporation provides a range of services for the Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence marketplace. Our staff have years of design and implementation experience.

Are you getting value from your Business Intelligence environment ?

M87systems Corporation has extensive experience helping clients implement Business Intelligence strategies and technologies. We offer a broad range of services, from inception to production.

M87systems offers server platform migration support for CleverPath EUREKA:Strategy. Save your stream files when switching server platforms. Use multiple CleverPath EUREKA:Strategy servers on disparate platforms.

Know how to handle Slowly Changing Dimensions ?

Have you identified your aggregations ?

Do you have a methodology for implementing your data warehouse ?

Are you sure you have accounted for all the tasks in your project plan ?

Our consultants have years of experience designing, implementing and managing large data warehouse projects. Whether you require assistance from inception to completion, or just need guidance and resources for specific tasks, M87systems Corporation can help.

Keywords: business intelligence, data warehouse, Data Warehousing

Other products and services from M87systems


M87systems: Products - BI:Scope - bi prompt

BIPReprompt BI:Scope add-in allowing analysts to re-prompt the current report in BI:Scope, effectively changing the current report definition. Metadata driven constraint selection, supporting multiple totaling types, advanced totaling with exclude rules, and share basis. Period dimension selection also supports period comparisons, period ranges, and the special periods Current and First of Year.


M87systems: Products - BI:Prompt

BI:Prompt provides a variety of report information gathering prompts, supporting different levels of complexity so casual users have access to simple selection, and more advanced users can have access to report design capabilities. Various data entry methods are available so analysts can copy and paste information from other applications, search dimensions for values, use pick lists for selections, and use drag and drop to design report layouts.


M87systems: Products - FAQ

Microsoft's Internet Explorer will recognize the need for the Java Plug-in and automatically install the plug-in for your user the first time they try to execute BI:Prompt or BI:Scope. Users that do not have the enabled flag for the products set in their profile will receive normal WebOlap functionality. If the WebOlap .IsText variable has been defined, a manual input SingleValue prompt will be used.


M87systems: Products

At M87systems Corporation we have drawn on our expertise and extensive field experience to create a line of products targeted at the Business Intelligence marketplace. BI:Scope uses a provider technology to allow it to interact with varied business intelligence sources and provide a single consistent view for the client.


M87systems: Products - BI:Scope - bi scope

New developer features to assist in add-in creation, XML generation of report files and stream files, and usage of native CleverPath Eureka:Strategy stream and report definition files. The ESReportDesigner allows business analysts to modify the current report definition, and run the new report, submit it for background xecution, or save a copy of the definition.