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By: M87systems  09-12-2011
Keywords: Business Analysts, Headers And Footers

BI:ScopeĀ® 2.x Highlights

BI:Scope 2.x is a major enhancement to the original product with the following new and improved features:

New Features

  • ESReportDesignerā„¢ add-in for interactive metadata driven report creation. The ESReportDesigner allows business analysts to modify the current report definition, and run the new report, submit it for background xecution, or save a copy of the definition.
  • Interactive formatting allows you to apply a basic style to your report, insert lines and text, format calculations, and apply conditional formatting. Calculations can be formatted for action reports and traffic light reports for executive presentation and dashboards
  • Interactive filtering allows you to hide rows and columns using complex rules. Use filtering to help derive meaning from a report, focus on issues, recognize patterns, and subset reports to pass to colleagues
  • Report Search for locating items in the report
  • Report Transfer for downloading report in various file formats including text and MS Excel 97.
  • Ability to reset column widths to force automatic column width recalculation

Visual Enhancements

  • Updated look to match current desktop trends
  • New shared rendering engine for report display and printing. Provides a truer representation of the report in the display grid and on paper.
  • Truncated cells are highlighted on grid and while printing
  • Improved performance for report cell selection
  • Ability to select partially displayed cells
  • Report cells can now contain multiple lines with line breaks
  • Introduction of formatting lines for drawing rules for totals, inserting text lines, etc
  • Popup menu in the display grid for common operations, and selection based filtering and conditional formatting.
  • First row filled displays the all the row heading dimension values on the first row displayed, so you always have a reference when scrolling long reports.

Printing Enhancements

  • Support for changing of the paper size for printing and print preview
  • Improved performance when switching between print preview, print setup and print
  • Enhanced header and footer support support allowing for a left, center and right header and footer. Headers and footers can contain images, like corporate logos
  • New Page Break line type , combined with conditional formatting provides advanced page break controls. Optionally view page breaks on the report grid.

Other Enhancements

  • Improved keyboard handling making non-contiguous cell selection easier
  • New developer features to assist in add-in creation, XML generation of report files and stream files, and usage of native CleverPath Eureka:Strategy stream and report definition files.
  • Enhanced BI:Scope XML file format providing more detail about the report
  • Enhanced caching to support the new metadata driven functions
  • BI:Scope Image Administration add-in allows for the maintenance of the popup list of images for report and header/footer formatting.

Technical Enhancements

  • BI:Scope now reads CleverPath Eureka:Strategy stream files directly to obtain report information. This provides more reliable translation of reports to BI:Scope presentation format.
  • Perl module installation is no longer required
  • BI:Scope now requires Java on the CleverPath Eureka:Strategy server
  • Command line generation of BI:Scope XML files

Developer Enhancements

  • BI:Scope now contains Java classes for reading CleverPath Eureka:Strategy stream files, and variable files
  • BI:Scope Add-ins now have immediate access to the original report definition
  • BI:Scope Add-ins now have access to a BISSelectionServices object for getting information of report selections. Common utility functions are provided, as well as analysis functions for processing report selections.
  • BI:Scope Add-ins can now access native file operations on the CleverPath Eureka:Strategy. A standard file dialog is available so developers can easily prompt for File Open, and Save operations.
  • BI:Scope uses Streaming Architecture to process report information. Developers can now use BI:Scope streams and standard objects to generate XML files, parse existing BI:Scope reports, perform formatting and translating.
  • BI:Scope translation and formatting use a plug-in architecture so developers can develop new translators and formatters to integrate into BI:Scope.
  • BI:Scope add-ins can use the BI:Scope Image tree for custom image selection for clients.

Keywords: Business Analysts, Headers And Footers

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Microsoft's Internet Explorer will recognize the need for the Java Plug-in and automatically install the plug-in for your user the first time they try to execute BI:Prompt or BI:Scope. Users that do not have the enabled flag for the products set in their profile will receive normal WebOlap functionality. If the WebOlap .IsText variable has been defined, a manual input SingleValue prompt will be used.


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