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By: M87systems  09-12-2011
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Intelligent Template Reporting™

accessible business intelligence

BI:Prompt gives organizations the ability make complex reporting accessible to users at all levels, and gives business analysts the ability to personalize those reports to satisfy their own business requirements.

Intelligent Template Reporting allows organizations to provide a guided shell over report creation. Complex reports can display options to the user to allow them to personalize the report contents to suit their own needs. Business Analysts can create multiple versions of a Template Report, personalized for a specific business process, and reducing the effort to produce common reports.

Personalization = Accessible Reporting

BI:Prompt provides a simple yet flexible user interface for collecting reporting information. The main dialog uses traffic lights to inform analysts about selections they have made, and information that is still required.

BI:Prompt provides a variety of report information gathering prompts, supporting different levels of complexity so casual users have access to simple selection, and more advanced users can have access to report design capabilities.

Various data entry methods are available so analysts can copy and paste information from other applications, search dimensions for values, use pick lists for selections, and use drag and drop to design report layouts.

BI:Prompt allows reporting analysts to attach custom help to a prompted report to help guide analysts in making selections.

Template reports can be saved by the business analysts with their personal selections in tact. The next time the analyst opens the saved report, their previous selections will already be made. This allows analysts to save multiple versions of a report to support their business processes, and reduce the effort required to produce common reports.

The BIPReprompt BI:Scope add-in allows users to re-prompt the report after generation so they can effectively change the definition of the current report, if their initial selections did not meet their needs.

Validation = Increased reporting efficiency

BI:Prompt validation helps reduce failed and runaway reports, by ensuring that report creation options selected by the users are appropriate for the report:

Mandatory prompts force business analysts to make a selection ensuring reporting information is not missing.

List based prompts limit user selection to predefined values ensuring valid selections.

Manual entry prompts provide input type casting, range checking, and automatic case shifting, so values match data warehouse values.

Metadata driven prompts provide report design type selection with built-in selection editing to ensure valid selections.

Advanced scripted validation can be used to perform complex analysis of report requests, and prompt users for additional information before report creation.

The M87ReportDesignWizard validation script provides a guided shell over report design with full access to report layout, and dimension constraint and totaling capabilities.

Control = IT Excitement !

BI:Prompt requires Zero Application Administration to manage upgrades. Placing the newest version on your server automatically upgrades all your clients just like an HTML based application. Optional advanced code caching ensures BI:Prompt is only downloaded when a new version is available. This results in less network traffic, and improved response time for the analysts.

BI:Prompt Intelligent Template Reporting can significantly reduce the number of reports that organizations need to maintain. BI:Prompt driven reports can allow business analysts the flexibility they need to customize a single template to suit their specific needs. This way a single template can support needs of many analysts.

The various prompts available allow reporting analysts to vary the level of complexity of report selection to match user input patterns, and personalization requirements. This allows a single template to target the needs of casual users, and advanced users.

BI:Prompt saves server resources by enabling background and over night execution, off loading report creation to non-prime time computing hours. BI:Prompt validation can also be used to force users to execute in back ground or over night to help reduce browser timeouts, and force demanding reports to execute off hours. Administrators have control over the definition of over night reporting, so submitted reports can be scheduled to start at a specific time, or after some data warehouse event like an update.

The M87Scheduler provides business analysts access to the background job queue, and allows them to view the status of their reports and cancel report requests that are no longer required. The scheduler can also be run as a BI:Scope add-in.

BI:Prompt employs server side caching and on-demand paging to reduce network traffic, reduce metadata access for repetitive operations, and reduce client resource requirements. Tuning variables provide administrators the ability to limit the server resources consumed , and to more easily integrate BI:Prompt into their existing WebOlap installation.

The BIPDesigner is a BI:Scope add-in used to define BI:Prompt Intelligent Report Template definition files. This add-in provides reporting analysts an easy way to define report add-ins using BI:Prompt technology.

  M87systems Corporation’s, BI:Prompt has passed the Sun Microsystems test criteria for Java Powered™ accreditation
M87systems Corporation’s, BI:Prompt version 1.0 has been certified ca smart with CleverPath EUREKA:Strategy versions 5.75, 5.76, 5.77, 5.8, 6.0, 6.01 and 6.2.

Keywords: Business Analysts, data warehouse, Report Creation

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M87systems: Products - BI:Scope - bi prompt

BIPReprompt BI:Scope add-in allowing analysts to re-prompt the current report in BI:Scope, effectively changing the current report definition. Metadata driven constraint selection, supporting multiple totaling types, advanced totaling with exclude rules, and share basis. Period dimension selection also supports period comparisons, period ranges, and the special periods Current and First of Year.


M87systems: Products - FAQ

Microsoft's Internet Explorer will recognize the need for the Java Plug-in and automatically install the plug-in for your user the first time they try to execute BI:Prompt or BI:Scope. Users that do not have the enabled flag for the products set in their profile will receive normal WebOlap functionality. If the WebOlap .IsText variable has been defined, a manual input SingleValue prompt will be used.


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Whether you require assistance from inception to completion, or just need guidance and resources for specific tasks, M87systems Corporation can help. M87systems Corporation has extensive experience helping clients implement Business Intelligence strategies and technologies. M87systems Corporation provides a range of services for the Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence marketplace.


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At M87systems Corporation we have drawn on our expertise and extensive field experience to create a line of products targeted at the Business Intelligence marketplace. BI:Scope uses a provider technology to allow it to interact with varied business intelligence sources and provide a single consistent view for the client.


M87systems: Products - BI:Scope - bi scope

New developer features to assist in add-in creation, XML generation of report files and stream files, and usage of native CleverPath Eureka:Strategy stream and report definition files. The ESReportDesigner allows business analysts to modify the current report definition, and run the new report, submit it for background xecution, or save a copy of the definition.