LUXLITE Compact Fluorescent Energy Saving Light Bulb - sparkle

By: Luxlite  09-12-2011
Keywords: Lighting, Lighting Design, Power Consumption

SPARKLE is ideal for common luminaries and decorative lighting system that requires bright but indirect eye-comfort light.  Specially coated milky white glass cover protects this tabular shaped electronic CFL from dust and moisture.

LUXLITE designed SPARKLE is the shortest diameter and brightest in the industry.  Choice of glass covers includes regular milky white or transparent ribbed glass for sparkling lighting effect.

Soft warm of pleasant day light, excellent color rendering, only 20% of the power consumption of GLS lamps of the same brightness, symmetrical luminous intensity distribution is ideal for various lighting design application.

Keywords: Glass Cover, Lighting, Lighting Design, Power Consumption,

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LUXLITE Compact Fluorescent Energy Saving Light Bulb - globex

Beside built-in all existing features of energy saving lamps GLOBEX is very preferable for those applications where direct light beam is not desirable. Protected cover equipped with a diffusely scattering glass cover giving soft, eyes-comfortable and uniform light effect. GLOBEX itself a decoration pieces, so usually no other expensive fittings are required thus saving you extra.


LUXLITE Compact Fluorescent Energy Saving Light Bulb - candlex

Introduction and overwhelming popularity of compact fluorescent lamp in regular GLS lamp shape, pushed us one step further to innovate lamps similar to GLS Candle Shaped but built-in full feature energy saving lamps. If you are considering replacing your existing GLS Candle bulb inside tiny fittings or Chandeliers or classical-crafted decorative light fittings with energy saver our patented design CANDLEX is a nice selection.


LUXLITE Compact Fluorescent Energy Saving Light Bulb - megalux

MEGALUX is ideal to replace very high wattage incandescent bulbs with energy efficient self ballasted compact fluorescent lamps in the commercial, industrial, residential, hotel/motel, building construction and most other industries. Introduction of 4 tubes bridging technology brought a new dimension to produce higher lumens output and better efficiency in luminous intensity distribution.


LUXLITE Energy Saving Light Bulb

Since introduction of compact energy saving lamps a decade earlier but a significant portion of traditional consumers did not replace their existing low efficient GLS lamps to energy saving lamp concept. Our award wining design team solved that puzzle with new innovation of CLASSIX shape that opened a new dimension of compact fluorescent lamps industry.


LUXLITE Compact Fluorescent Energy Saving Light Bulb - spiral

SPIRAL models are compromise of less heat emission and better average life performance is the key for excellent reputation among other models of compact fluorescent lamp. SPIRAL is the only lamp design without any physical joint but higher wattage lighting output that significantly reduces in overall length in lamp design.


LUXLITE Compact Fluorescent Energy Saving Light Bulb - minitwin

Minitwin series is the first generation among all range of Luxlite energy saving lamp we developed; however it is the most popular choice and it is still increasing. The whole unit is compact size and computerized elegant curved design very suitable for hard to reach or slim lamp holder space in existing fittings. Minitwin model consists of two U shaped tubes for medium range lumen and wattage output.


LUXLITE Compact Fluorescent Energy Saving Light Bulb - compactu

Comparing with ordinary incandescent bulb if can reduce power consumption by 80% and be readily used as a substitute for the higher wattage incandescent bulb. If your lighting application requires a very bright light yet energy saver and maintenance free lighting for a long period of time COMPACT -U is the answer.