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By: Lumigene Technologies  09-12-2011
Keywords: cartridge, Nucleic Acid


The main component of the POSiChek™ System is a compact, small footprint device which controls the entire system. The device is portable and can be battery operated. It is built around an easy-to-use colour touch screen interface. The device incorporates wireless communications for easy integration with networks and peripherals, and include a barcode reader for maintaining chain-of-custody control of samples. A custom application guides the user through the testing process, provides final test results and extensive self-monitoring controls for system, hardware, cartridge and user errors.

Disposable Cartridge
The POSiChek™ system uses ‘microliter’ scale single-use disposable cartridges which process statistically significant volumes of samples to ensure reliable results are obtained. The cartridge incorporates proven technologies to automate processes related to sample preparation and DNA amplification and detection in a ‘closed system’ which avoids cross-contamination problems. Up to eight detection reactions can be performed simultaneously in each cartridge. All on-board reagents are in the form of freeze-dried microspheres which allow cartridges to be stored at room temperature for extended periods of time.

DNA Detection
For nucleic acid detection LumiGene's POSiChek™ System uses one of the most advances isothermal amplifications technology currently available. This technology can detect the presense of pathogens within a sample in 20 to 30 minutes.

Keywords: cartridge, Nucleic Acid

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