Products : Rubber Suspension : Motorbases

By: Lovejoy  09-12-2011

Products : Rubber Suspension : Motorbases

By continuously compensating for all stretching, hopping, fluttering, and excessive pull when starting, thanks to its preloaded suspension system with high self-damping, the Lovejoy ROSTA tensioning motorbase is the ideal answer for belt drives for motors.

Belt drives, in particular V-belt drives with one or more belts, transmits the required torque to the driven equipment only if the belt tension is optimum. Consequently all such drives need a device for adjusting the motor position or a belt tensioner to compensate for normal belt stretch (with V-belts up to 4 to 5% of total length).

Failure to adjust the tension leads to serious loss of power in torque transmission, overheating of belts due to excessive slip, hopping, screeching belts, excessive wear of the pulleys and eventually premature failure. Purely mechanical, rigid adjusting devices like motor slides with screw adjustments or belt tensioners with adjusting slots are intended only for occasional compensation of the belt stretching. They do not provide continuous re-tensioning of the belts or reduction of the excessive starting torques when pulling heavy equipment into operation. They also require frequent adjustments and maintenance, which requires the drive to be shut down.

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Thanks to the multi-functionality of the Lovejoy ROSTA element, savings can be made in the initial investments through the avoidance of expensive bearing and damping components. The Lovejoy ROSTA rubber spring element compactly fulfills several functions; simultaneously serving as a torsion spring, pivot bearing, and an anti-vibration mount.


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Lovejoy ROSTA anti-vibration mountings are designed to accept compression, tension, and shear loading; as well as combined loading. Mounts can be installed in any desired position and are also ideal for ceiling and wall mounting.


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Lovejoy ROSTA offers a complete line of multi-purpose elastomeric elements that can solve most types of tensioning, suspension, and vibration absorption problems in all fields of mechanical engineering. All Lovejoy ROSTA products are based upon the ROSTA Principle: four elastomeric elements are inside the base of each and every tensioner, suspension unit, oscillating unit, and anti-vibration damper.


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Lovejoy ROSTA supplies standardized link rods, rocker arms, spring supports and universal joints for all kinds of shaking, conveying and screening machines with positive or freely oscillating drive systems. Owing to the specific spring characteristic, the element also acts as a virtually non-wearing spring accumulator, and is therefore predestined for linking applications in resonance vibration systems.